Google continues to improve Chrome OS for the education sector

One of the greatest achievements of Chrome OS and the Chromebook is in the education sector. Although Chromebooks are extremely popular with consumers in the USA, UK and around the world. They have taken off in a huge way in the education sector.

Chromebooks have changed how classrooms around the world work on a daily basis. In the USA Chrome OS is used by most school districts. This is great news for Chrome OS, as the education sector was previously dominated by the Apple iPad.

I was never convinced schools using an iPad or any tablet for that matter was a good move for the education sector. I could never see how a tablet would help children get comfortable working with computers, which is important for their future life in higher education and when they start a career.

Apple and Microsoft in education

The main reason why Apple led the way in education with their iPad was that it was easy for teachers and pupils to use. The issue was that Apple isn’t exactly a mainstream OS, and isn’t widely used in the workplace. Also true for Chrome OS at the moment, but Chrome OS is the future of computing, so pupils understanding how cloud computing works is vital.

You would assume Microsoft would have been the perfect choice in education. After all, Microsoft computers are still the most common OS used in offices around the world. Anyone who learns how to use an MS computer at school would be able to take these skills with them when they start work.

However, Microsoft Windows is an extremely dated operating system, which was designed before the internet. Yes, it’s true MS Windows has changed to try and adapt to the new technologies around us. The issue is that they’ve not really been able to do this successfully. They may still be strong in the business sector, but Microsoft is losing a huge number of users from the consumer market.

The Chromebook is the perfect choice for education

The education sector chose Chrome OS for two main reasons. It gave the education sector the ability to offer each pupil a laptop at a relatively cheap cost. It also offers schools all the management tools they need to manage a huge number of laptops without the headaches you’d get from Microsoft Windows.

The argument on whether Microsoft, Apple or Google offer the best tech is something that will continue to be debated. However, there is no denying that Chrome OS is teaching pupils how to use tech that is relevant now and in the future. Cloud computing is the future, and pupils using a computer made for the cloud makes complete sense.

Chrome OS offers new features for the classroom

There is no doubt that Google believes the education sector is important for the continued success of Chrome OS. If pupils use Chromebooks in their days at school, it will most likely mean they’ll continue doing this once they’ve left the classroom.

One of the latest features of Chrome OS that is a great addition for schools and colleges around the world is Screencast. This gives teachers the ability to cast their Chromebook screen to a projector or any other large display at the front of the class. Making it easy for them to show pupils how to complete certain tasks or to put an important message across.

It will also give teachers the ability to let a pupil cast their screen to the front of the class. This will help pupils put their ideas to the rest of the classroom. Making it a perfect tool to share ideas with the rest of the class.

To find out more about Screencast. Check out this blog from Google, which shows the benefits of using Screencast on Chrome OS in the classroom.