Get the 16GB Pixelbook Go this black Friday in the UK for just £799

One of the best Chromebooks to be released in the last couple of years is the Google Pixelbook Go. This laptop has everything I like when looking for a new Chromebook. Firstly, it’s well built and looks stunning. Secondly, it’s extremely compact and lightweight, which makes it perfect for when traveling.

I’ve owned a few Chromebooks over the years. The only time I’ve got attached is when it has looked good and has been compact enough to travel with. Owning a bulky laptop simply isn’t what I’m looking for. I recently bought the Acer 713 Chromebook. It’s a fantastic laptop but it was simply too big and bulky for me. The Pixelbook Go is the laptop of choice if you’re after a compact laptop weighing in at just 2.3lbs / 1.04kg.

Fantastic display

You can spend a lot of money and opt for the Pixelbook Go with a 4K display. If you’ve got the money and this appeals then go for it. However, I personally feel a 4K display on a display of just 13.3-inches is overkill. You would really struggle to read the text, which is something I learned from buying my Google Pixel slate.

I love my Pixel Slate and the display is simply stunning. The problem is trying to read text on the display when at the full HD of 3,000 by 2,000 is pretty hard. Imagine how more difficult it would be with a 4K resolution of 3,840 by 2,160.

Pixelbook Go Full HD display looks great and has a touchscreen

Apart from the most expensive model. All of the Pixelbook Go laptops come with Full HD and that is all you need on a display of this size. It has a beautiful display and the IPS panel means you get great viewing angles.

Pixelbook Go has a great keyboard

Something else that is really important to me when buying a new laptop is the keyboard. I can touch type at pretty fast speeds thanks to learning how to at college. This means I need a really responsive keyboard that is a pleasure to use.

If you’re buying a laptop and you intend to do a lot of typing. You cannot underestimate how important a decent keyboard is. The good news is keyboards in general have got a lot better in the last few years. I think the manufacturers have realised this is important for many of us.

Pixelbook Go Keyboard
You’ll love the Pixelbook Go keyboard

The Pixelbook Go keyboard is amazing. I’ve used it for a few minutes when checking it out and was very impressed with it. I’ve heard many websites state it’s the best keyboard you can get on any laptop. I can safely say I totally agree with this.

The Pixelbook Go has amazing sound quality

One thing that is usually a big letdown when it comes to buying a laptop is the sound. I’ve owned laptops with poor sound quality like the Acer 713. A laptop with a pretty decent sound like the Asus C302. The best I’ve owned to date though is the Pixel Slate.

Google has done an amazing job when it comes to sound quality. When you consider the Pixel slate isn’t even a laptop. The sound you get from the tablet is exceptional. This is especially true when you look at how thin the Pixel Slate is.

It appears Google likes to put the effort in when it comes to the quality of their speakers. The Pixelbook Go has even better sound than the Pixel Slate. It took a while for me to realise and I had to listen to different types of music. However, it definitely has the edge on the slate, but only just.

It has been around a couple of years

The Pixelbook Go is a couple of years old now. I really wish Google would have made a second edition with a newer processor. However, this doesn’t look like it will be happening. Really sad because when you make such a great laptop. Improving on it by using a newer processor is a really easy way to revamp a laptop people already love.

Pixelbook Go

That being said. We all know a new Pixelbook Go with the latest generation processor would cost a lot of money. Also, the Pixelbook Go comes with a processor that is more than powerful enough for what you’d want to do with Chrome OS. The main reason for me wanting to see a newer model is the AUE date. The Pixelbook Go receives updates until June 2026. Not bad, as you’ve still got five years of updates. A newer model would have increased that until at least 2028 at the minimum.

The good news is you don’t need to be too worried about the AUE date anymore. Sure, it will mean you’ll no longer receive Chrome OS updates. However, you can still use the laptop and it will work fine. The issue of it not being safe for internet surfing will soon be a thing of the past. Thanks to Google separating Chrome OS and the Chrome browser.

Pixelbook Go Performance

The good news is although the Pixelbook Go does not use the latest processors. The processors it uses, which are eight-generation, can easily cope with everything you would do with Chrome OS.

At the moment you can get your hands on the Pixelbook Go with a whopping 16GB of RAM at a huge discount. This normally costs £949, but this Black Friday Google is selling the 16GB Pixelbook Go for £799.

If I was to buy a Pixelbook Go I’d either choose the entry-level model with the M3 processor or the entry-level i5 model. Both will offer great performance because I’ve owned Chromebooks that use both of these processors.

The i5 model is obviously going to offer much better performance. The entry-level i5 model comes with 8 GB of RAM, which is the one I would normally choose. However, with this current deal, I would definitely pay the extra to get double the amount of RAM.


If you’re looking for a new Chromebook this Black Friday. I would definitely consider the Pixelbook Go. This is arguably still the best all-rounder Chromebook you can buy in 2021.

It’s very rare to see the Pixelbook Go at a discounted price. I’d make the most of it before it’s too late. If you can’t stretch to the 16 GB version. Then the 8 GB model is available at £729, which is £100 off the original price.

If a complete bargain is what you’re looking for. Then unfortunately at the time of writing this. The M3 model, which is the cheapest at £629 was sold out on the Google store. I’m sure you’ll be able to find it at other retailers though.

If the idea of owning a fantastic Chromebook with a whopping 16GB of RAM sounds appealing. Then head on over to the Google Store.