Get a brand new Lenovo Chromebook for just £109 – A saving of £70

Whenever I take a look at budget Chromebooks it takes me back to the days when they were first launched. Back then the only real option you had was to buy a budget Chromebook. Since then we’ve seen huge advances with Chrome OS, and this also means more higher-end Chrome OS devices.

That doesn’t mean that budget Chromebooks don’t have their place. In fact, if you are after a really cheap laptop that just works. It makes complete sense to buy a Chromebook over any other computer. Like really, can you really imagine getting a good MS Windows experience on a laptop with an Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM? I think not.

This is the beauty of Chrome OS. Although you can spend a whole lot more to get a really fancy Chromebook. You can also spend as little as £109 to get your hands on a brand new laptop. Considering where we are right now with rising prices everywhere, that’s an absolute steal. The difference between a budget Chromebook and a cheap Windows laptop is the budget Chromebook is still highly capable.

My budget Chromebook is more than capable

I own a few Chromebooks and one of them is the Acer 311 C722. A budget Chromebook that I think I paid about £169 for. Sure, it’s not a super fancy-looking laptop, but it gets the job done. I can use it to surf the internet, write blog posts like this one, and use a word processor, spreadsheet, and slides program.

The best thing is I can do all of these things for free because you get access to all these types of apps with Chrome OS. I don’t have to pay a subscription for MS Office, as all Chromebooks get free access to the Google Office Suite.

I can also install Android Apps on my budget Chromebook. This alone adds so much functionality that you just would not get with another type of budget laptop. Best of all, this all happens without any errors and it works a whole lot faster thanks to Chrome OS. Even a medium-entry Windows laptop is so slow to use; just imagine what a cheap one would be like. I can tell you, totally awful.

This is why I happily promote budget Chromebooks

Although I admit I prefer to use my Pixelbook Go most of the time because, in my opinion, it’s one of the best Chromebooks available right now. I can still happily use my budget Chromebook for most tasks. Sure, I have to sacrifice build quality, and the display on most 11.6-inch budget Chromebooks is mediocre. However, I’m still happy using my budget laptop because it just works.

If you’re looking for a really cheap laptop then there really isn’t a better option than the Chromebook. Unlike a Windows laptop, which will hardly be usable after a couple of months of owning it. A Chromebook will continue to work just as it did the day you bought it. Right up to the AUE date, which in most cases is eight years after it was released.

Also, The Chromebook AUE date is no longer an issue. By the time a Chromebook reaches its AUE date a couple of years from now. The issue of the AUE date will be no longer. Find out why the AUE date thanks to Lacros removes any concerns about safe browsing once your Chromebook stops receiving updates.

Lenovo Ideapad 3i Chromebook for £109

Now I’ve explained why budget Chromebooks are superior to any other laptop. It’s time to talk about getting your hands on a brand new laptop for just £109. The Lenovo Ideapad 3i will essentially do all the things I can do with my budget device.

You get an entry-level processor, but as I’ve already explained; that will not stop you from doing what most of us do on a daily basis when using a laptop. It comes with 4GB of RAM, which is more than enough. Find out more about how much RAM you need for a Chromebook.

When it comes to the storage you’re getting 32GB. Now that may sound really low, but I recently did a test on my budget Chromebook that has 32GB of storage and was shocked how much I could actually install on it. Over 50 Android apps, a whole series of Peaky Blinders, and the first episode of Ozark. All that, and I still had over 2GB of storage left to play with. Therefore, 32GB is fine for a budget Chromebook.


If a cheap laptop is just what you’re looking for. Then take a look at this deal on the Lenovo 3i Chromebook available at Currys. At £109 it’s an absolute bargain, but you’ll have to hurry because this is a discounted price. It usually retails at £179.