Five ways to free up storage space on your Chromebook

It’s no big secret that the Chromebook comes with a lot less storage space than you would get on a Microsoft Windows computer. There is a reason for this and that’s because the Chromebook is a computer made for the cloud.

It was not uncommon for Chromebooks back in 2013 to come with just 16GB of internal storage. That may sound a little crazy, but considering you should be saving all your files in the cloud with Google Drive. There was no real reason for having much storage space on a Chromebook back then.

Fast forward to 2020 and how much storage you need for your Chromebook is back in the news. This is because you can now install Android and Linux apps on your Chrome OS laptop. These apps need to use your local internal storage. This means Chromebooks are now coming with more internal storage than ever before.

You should still be saving most of your files in the cloud. By doing this you’re keeping your data safe from damage or permanently losing access to your files. Find out why you should save your files in the cloud on your Chromebook.


So now that storage space on a Chromebook is more important than ever. It makes sense to know how you can free up valuable space on your Chrome OS device.

There are five different sections on your Chromebook where it’s possible to free up storage space. By doing this on a regular basis you’ll not only keep on top of your files. You will be able to install more Android apps with space you free up.

The video I’ve created, which you’ll find at the top of this page. Will go through all the different sections on your Chromebook where you have control over storage. Following these steps on a regular basis should mean you’ll not be running out of space any time soon.