Find out why the Chromebook is 100% safe and virus free

One of the great things about the Chromebook is how secure and safe it is to use. We all love using the internet, but it’s very easy to end up getting a virus on your computer. This will only increase as more and more of us use the internet on a daily basis.

When using a Microsoft Windows computer the chances of getting a virus are increased. This is because it’s a less secure operating system. Even if you use Anti-Virus software there is no guarantee that you will not get a virus.

The Chromebook does not have any of these issues because Chrome OS is safe to use. To date, there has not been one Chromebook, which has reported being infected with a virus. This is one of the major selling points of the Chromebook.


Yes, the Chromebook is virus-free. Regular Chrome OS updates and a verified boot, which restores the operating system if any changes have been made. Helps to keep the Chromebook safe from viruses.

On top of that Chrome OS uses sandboxing, which means all browsers and Android Apps are kept separate from each other. This stops any potential viruses communicating with other applications or windows you have open.

You still need to keep yourself safe though. The biggest threat is still from Android Apps and Chrome browser extensions. To find out more watch the detailed video at the top of this page. Where I go into further detail about why the Chromebook is safe and 100% virus-free.