Fallen out of love with my Acer 713 Chromebook – Just a little bit

I love the Acer 713 Chromebook, which I think I made obvious in my Acer 713 video review. However, I have slightly changed my mind since that original review. It’s still a great Chromebook don’t get me wrong. The issue for me is there are a couple of things that have caused me not to fall in love with it. That may sound a tad dramatic, but I think it’s important to own a laptop you love. You’ll be using it for a few years, so it has got to feel right.

Although the Acer 713 has a fantastic display, which I absolutely love. There are definitely some concerns around the build quality. It comes with the military grading certification, so it should be able to take a few knocks. The problem is I don’t feel that would be the case. The underside of the laptop needs some attention. When you glide your fingers over the back, you feel the edge where it connects to the upper part of the chassis. Not everywhere, but it’s noticeable a lot more around the power button.

You may think I’m being super-critical and perhaps I am to some extent. The thing is this is more down to design. It’s a great laptop, but it has given me the feeling that it wouldn’t do too well over the long term. Especially, if I used it when travelling. This made me immediately hit the shops to buy the cheaper Acer 311 for something I can use temporarily when out and about. A laptop I think would be able to take a few knocks and falls along the way.

It’s not a great choice for a laptop to use on the move

Apart from the design floors the Acer 713 definitely has. I don’t think this is the ideal laptop if you like to take your laptop everywhere with you. Although I love the 3:2 aspect ratio it comes with. The taller display makes it difficult to use when you’re on a train where you have another seat directly in front of you. You just don’t have the room to have the display in a good position to work with. This would be a similar problem on a plane; unless you were flying long-haul where you get the extra room. A shorter 16:9 aspect ratio is definitely a better option in these situations.

Acer 713 Chromebook
You will need to use headphones because the Acer 713 sound quality is poor

If I didn’t use a Chromebox at home for most of my work. Then I would be happy to use the Acer 713 as a home laptop. For me though, a laptop is something that needs to be portable. The Acer 713 has awkward dimensions and is a tad too heavy for just throwing in your bag and forgetting about it.

The display issue

Something else I’ve noticed when using the Acer 713 is an issue around the display. It’s something I noticed very early on but didn’t take too much notice of because it didn’t happen again. Now I’ve owned it for a couple of months I’ve noticed it a few times. I can’t put my finger on it. However, it appears Chrome OS struggles with the resolution on occasions. The display moves very quickly out of position before going back to the normal settings.

It’s something that is very hard to explain in writing. The issue with this is it makes me feel the display isn’t working seamlessly with the software. I have no idea what is causing it, but it frustrates me when it happens.

Acer 713 Chromebook
The Acer 713 has a great display with a nagging flickering issue on the rare occasion

The Acer 713 keyboard

The Acer 713 keyboard is perfectly fine to type on. It records all of the keys that I touch when typing. The problem I have is the lack of feedback. I mentioned this in my video review, and now after typing on it more often. It is something I find a tad frustrating. Although the keystrokes are being registered. The lack of feedback stops me from getting engaged when typing.

I love the fact it has a large space to place your palms when typing. This is a really good advantage over many other laptops. It means you can sit with it on your lap and type away and still feel comfortable. This larger space for your palms is thanks to the more space available due to the taller 3:2 aspect ratio display. The very thing that makes it not a portable laptop, so it’s a double-edged sword.

It’s a great Chromebook but it isn’t for me

It’s a real shame I’ve not been able to gel with my Acer 713. It has so much going for it, but these little issues have stopped me from loving it. If you’re buying a laptop to use for a number of years. Then it’s really important to make sure it’s something you’ll be able to get comfortable with.

I think Acer needs to spend more time on design. At the moment I think Asus are way ahead of them in this department. Corners are cut with the Acer 713, which possibly explains how you can get a laptop with such a great display, at a very reasonable price. For me, I need something I can use longer-term that is also perfect to use on the move.

5 thoughts on “Fallen out of love with my Acer 713 Chromebook – Just a little bit”

  1. I just bought the below 2020 Acer Chrome Book. Is this as good as the 2021 model with i5 Core? I don’t game but this might have a touchscreen? What do you think?

    Acer Spin 713 13.5″ 2K VertiView Touch Screen Chromebook | 10th Generation Intel Core i3-10110U | 4GB RAM | 64GB SSD | Backlit Keyboard | WiFi | Chrome OS | with 64GB MicroSD Card Bundle

    • Hi Linda. It’s a good Chromebook but it isn’t going to be as good as the 2021 i5 model. Also, the RAM is a little low for an i3 processor, but it will still work fine.

  2. I have not used a Chromebook in a while, I did buy a couple of them early on. Always had questions about this military grade sort of marketing? I mean what exactly does that mean? I installed cloudready from Neverware the other day on a older HP notebook. Works OK I guess but not up to a experience of a proper Chromebook. Sort of a minimalist Linux install if you ask me. Chromebooks gained some traction in pandemic but mostly with education going remote for learning. I still don’t feel Chromebooks doing great in mainstream market. With everything Google has baked into Chrome OS lately, I think you need a bit more hardware specs to run it properly. As for my older notebook running cloudready. I am a little disappointed battery life isn’t a lot better than any Linux distro I have tried. Function keys for brightness don’t work either. Even most Linux distro support that so not sure why cloudready cannot? Google has purchased Neverware so maybe they will breath some advancements into that project or maybe even a full on Chrome OS release?

  3. I’ll never ever buy another Acer product. The screen on my Acer Spin 713 purchased in Feb 2021 developed a display issue in early June 2022. It’s 3 months out of Acer’s one year warranty. It cost the best part of £50 to return to Acer and I’ve just had the quote for a replacement display – a staggering £328! Think its a bin job myself.

    • David, Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with your Acer Chromebook. Yes, that’s a bad situation to find yourself in. I can understand why you’re frustrated about it. I didn’t feel the display was very stable, which is one of the reasons why I decided to replace it with another Chromebook.

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