Cloud storage on your Chromebook – The good and bad

One important factor when buying a new Chromebook is how much storage is available. Storage has always been something you need to think about, but the introduction of Android Apps has made this even more important than ever.

The Chromebook and Chrome OS have been built around cloud storage. This makes using cloud storage with your Chromebook one of the most seamless processes. Saving to the cloud on a Chromebook is not something that needs any extra steps.

However, even though cloud storage is easy to use on your Chromebook. Many people are still interested in using physical storage. So let’s take a look at the benefits and possible negatives of cloud storage on a Chromebook.


There are many options when it comes to Cloud storage, but being that Chrome OS is a Google powered operating system. It makes sense to concentrate on Google 1 (previously Google Drive).

I’m currently sitting in the local park with my dog because it’s a beautiful sunny day. At the moment this document is being typed on Google Docs, which means I don’t need to worry about having an internet connection.

That also means the file is currently being saved to the storage on my Chromebook. As soon as I get home and my laptop picks up my WiFi all of the information I’ve saved in Google Docs will save to the cloud.

Saving in the cloud with Chromebooks is an easy process
The cloud is perfect for the Chromebook and any other device for saving files

This is one of the great advantages of cloud storage. I Don’t need to worry about moving files around later, as Google Docs creates the file in the cloud. It saves it locally, but will upload to the cloud once an internet connection is established.

This makes using cloud storage for typing documents perfect. In fact, I don’t really see why anyone would want to use physical storage for this type of work. It’s not just limited to docs either, as I could create a spreadsheet using Google Sheets and the same thing would happen.


When you think about your data being safe there are two things that you’ll be concerned about. The first is whether it will be lost at a later date and the other is other people gaining access to your data.

As far as your data being safe from hardware corruption. Well, it’s very unlikely you would lose data in the cloud because of this. Google 1 will be backed up by Google regularly. This means your files will be available in many different locations.

The digital cloud is more popular than ever and is great for Chromebooks
The digital cloud is more popular than ever

If there was ever an incident where Google did have a hardware failure. They will no doubt have the right systems in place to ensure your data is still available.

When it comes to your data being safe from other people having access to it. Again, Google has excellent systems in place to ensure your data is safe from being hacked. However, nobody can never say a data breach couldnt happen, but it’s highly unlikely Google would not be on top of this immediately.

The most likely reason why your data may be breached is from the security you have in place. It’s important to remember any files you save in Google Cloud is only as safe as your Google Account.

So you should ensure you keep your password safe and make sure you use a password that is not easily identified. Out of all the possible ways your data in the cloud could be hacked. The most likely course would be hackers gaining access to your Google Account because of a weak password.

There are many ways to keep your Google Account safe. I would definitely ensure you take extra steps to do this, as your data is one of the most valuable commodities in the world today.


When it comes to accessing files in the cloud it’s a relatively simple process when it comes to documents. You simply click on them and they open for your immediate viewing and editing.

However, the same cannot be said if these files are huge in size. These type of files are going to be music and video files. Music files should not be too bad, but video files can take up a lot of space.

This can create two problems. Firstly, it could use up all the available space you have available in the cloud very quickly. Secondly, accessing these files from the cloud is not as simple as clicking on them.

If you don’t have a great internet connection then you’ll have problems with the video playback.

This means you may end up having to download video files to play them locally on your Chromebook. This is where cloud computing currently lacks in accessibility compared to physical storage.


When it comes to Chromebook computers there is no better way to save your data than in the cloud. It works seamlessly and your data is safer than having it stored locally.

If you are a Youtuber and have a lot of videos then cloud storage may not be perfect. Apart from that, for everything else then it’s definitely the best option for most people.

You should definitely take advantage of the 100GB of Google 1 storage you get for free for two years. This offer is available when you buy a new Chromebook, so you’ve got an excellent opportunity to move to the cloud.