Chromebooks will soon make a sound when it needs charging

At the moment when you plug your Chromebook into charge or when your battery needs charging, you only have visual indications to let you know about this. For example, if you plug your Chromebook into the mains to charge and the lid is closed. The only way you can tell it’s charging is by checking the led indicator.

All Chromebooks are slightly different, but you tend to find the led light will show when it’s plugged in to charge. Also, once your laptop has fully charged the led indicator may change from orange to green. These are the only indicators you have when your Chromebook is closed.

It’s slightly different if you’re using your Chromebook. If it’s plugged in you’d get the same led indication as mentioned above. You would also be able to check your battery status by checking at the bottom right of the ChromeOS desktop. These are all great, but it’s about to get better thanks to the introduction of sounds.

A sound will play when you charge your Chromebook

I regularly plug my Chromebooks into different power outlets around my home depending on what I’m doing at the time. My Asus CX5 only has led indicators on one side, and my Pixelbook Go has led indicators on both sides. Chromebooks with led indicators only on one side can make it more difficult to know if you’ve plugged your Chromebook in correctly to charge the battery.

Two led indicators on the left hand side of the Asus CX5 chromebook
The Asus CX5 has a power led and charging led on the left-hand side

In the future when you plug your laptop into a power outlet a sound will also play. This is very similar to what you get with most Android phones. A really useful way of knowing whether you’ve successfully plugged your laptop in for charging.

Asus CX5 right hand side has no led indicators for battery
The right side of the Asus CX5 has no led indicators

When you’re busy and in a rush, it’s really easy to think you’ve started charging your devices when you have not. Having a sound play when you plug in your laptop is something you will soon get used to hearing. Making it much easier to recognise if you have not connected your lead correctly or you’ve connected your lead to a plug that isn’t switched on at the power outlet.

Different sounds will play when your battery needs a charge

Google has also decided to introduce sounds to indicate when your Chromebook needs charging. This is going to be really useful because at the moment you would only know if you kept checking the battery status at the bottom right of your desktop. If you’re busy concentrating on work or watching a movie this can be easily overlooked.

Having a sound play when your Chromebook needs charging is a great indicator. It should hopefully avoid you suddenly noticing that your laptop is about to close down because the battery is about to run out.

You can listen to the different sounds that will be used over at 9 to 5 Google. I think you’ll agree they are pretty cool and not too intrusive.