Chromebook vs Microsoft Windows laptop for battery life

There are many things that separate the Chromebook that uses Chrome OS and laptops that use Microsoft Windows. The Chromebook for many years was considered as offering less functionality, but this has changed dramatically in the last few years. You can now do almost everything you can do with Microsoft Windows laptop on a Chromebook. One thing that does separate both types of computer is battery life.

Battery life is incredibly important when it comes to laptops. This is because a lot of people buy a laptop, so they can use it on the move. Whether this is on the bus or train to work or to take on holiday abroad. The last thing you want when watching your favourite movie or working whilst away from home is a laptop that runs out of battery.

If battery life is important to you then the type of laptop you choose to buy is an important factor. The fact that you can now do the same type of tasks on either a Windows computer or Chrome OS computer. You need to take a look at what else separates these two operating systems from each other.

Why is the Chromebook battery life so good?

There are a few reasons why the Chromebook has such good battery life. The main reason is that Chrome OS the operating system it uses is incredibly lightweight. The lightweight operating system not only means you’re getting everything done much quicker. The fact that all tasks are processed more quickly helps to reserve the Chromebook battery life. Compared to Microsoft Chrome OS uses much less processing power to operate throughout the day.

When you consider the Chromebook takes about ten seconds to boot up before it’s ready to use. Compare this to a Microsoft Windows laptop, which can take five minutes to achieve the same thing. This is a good example of how battery life is saved when using Chrome OS. Also, the longer you use a Microsoft Windows laptop. The longer it takes to boot up and be ready to use. This isn’t the case with Chrome OS, as the boot-up time will remain the same no matter how long you’ve owned a Chromebook.

Although you may be able to get to the Microsoft Windows desktop after about a minute of booting up your laptop. The background processes to load all of the other programs and services you use. Take much more time to process in the background. This is one of the reasons why you may struggle to use an MS Windows laptop for a few minutes once you’ve reached the desktop. All of this processing in the background takes up a lot of battery life. Chrome OS takes ten seconds to reach the desktop and no further processing is taking place once this is achieved.

Microsoft laptops can have moving parts

Although you can get Microsoft laptops that have no moving parts today. This isn’t the case for many of the cheaper Microsoft laptops available. By moving parts I’m referring to the hard disk, which is typically a hard disk with a spinning disk. These moving parts not only make a Windows laptop slower at accessing data. It also uses up more battery life.

All Chrome OS laptops have no moving parts because the hard disk is a chip. This not only makes accessing data much quicker. It’s another reason why you’ll use a lot less battery life when using a Chromebook. Also, moving parts can make a laptop very noisy. You may have noticed this when using a MS windows laptop. It can be so severe at times that it sounds like your laptop is about to take-off. You can imagine how much battery this is using.

Chromebook vs Microsoft Windows battery life

These are just some of the main reasons why you get much better battery life from a Chromebook. The battery life you achieve will depend on the type of Chromebook you buy. If you buy a medium-spec or high spec device. Then it will use a little more battery life because of the processor that is used. Take a look at some of the best budget and medium spec Chromebooks available.

Laptops that have faster and more powerful processors will take up more battery life. However, you should easily get at least 8 hours of battery life from a medium-spec Chromebook. The battery life is even higher than this if you buy a budget Chromebook, which comes with a less powerful processor. A buget Chromebook can come with a whopping battery life of up to 12 hours. Easily enough battery life to get you through your day on one charge.

If you’re looking to buy a new laptop and battery life is important. Then it makes sense to buy a Chromebook rather than a Microsoft Windows laptop. The battery life of a MS windows laptop detoriates over time. To the point you may only get about half an hour of use from an MS windows laptop after owning one for a couple of years. The Chromebook on the other hand will still offer incredible battery life even if you’ve owned one for many years.