Chromebook vs Chromebox – which is best

The Chromebook vs Chromebox question is understandable. The Chromebook was launched in June 2011 and it’s fair to say it didn’t get a very good reception at first. This was mainly down to the public and reviewers alike completely misunderstanding the vision of Google. We fast forward to today and the Chromebook has grown in popularity.

Because of the initial misunderstanding of the Chromebook, the launch of the Chromebox in May 2012 went unnoticed. However, over the last few years, the question of Chromebook vs Chromebox has become a popular one as more and more are turning their backs on Microsoft Windows.

Most people are familiar with a Chromebook but not so many people know about the Chrombox. Let’s take a look at both of them and see, which one you should choose. It obviously depends on what you’re looking for because they both offer a different experience.

The difference between Chromebook vs Chrombox

So what is the main difference between a Chromebook and a Chromebox? This may sound like a strange question, but being that many people are still unaware the Chromebox exists it needs to be answered. The main difference is the Chromebook is a laptop version running the operating system (Chrome OS). The Chromebox is a desktop version, which you would use at a desk with a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse.

The Chromebook

The Chromebook is without question the most popular of the two and was originally launched as a laptop. This has changed over the last couple of years and most Chromebooks are now convertible. What this means is that the screen can be pulled right back and it can be used as a tablet. This makes the latest Chromebook convertibles extremely versatile.

There are many choices available when looking to buy a Chromebook, as many manufacturers are now competing to bring out the best Chromebook. The choice you have is huge, but the Chromebook has changed a lot over the years.

When you consider the original Chromebooks popularity was largely due to their inexpensive price tag, the latest models of the Chromebook are definitely aimed at customers who are willing to pay a lot more money. Some of the latest Chromebooks now cost between £600/$600 and £899/$899. That is a huge increase when you consider the original Chromebooks retailed at around £200/$250.

The reason for the rise in price is because the Chromebook has become much more popular, which means people are willing to pay more if the model they buy offers more power. The fact the latest Chromebooks can also be used as tablets make sense that the cost will go up. Also, the Chrome OS has improved drastically over the years, so you can do so much more now on a Chromebook.

However, if you’re not overly bothered about having a Chromebook that has the latest technology with tablet functionality, why would you want to spend so much money? Luckily, there is still a large number of entry-level Chromebooks available to purchase. The specs you get are just fine if you want to surf the internet.

The Chromebox

The Chromebox has less of a market than the Chromebook, so you do not have of many choices to choose from. The main manufacturers of the Chromebox is Asus and HP. Acer has also previously manufactured Chromboxes, but appear to have left this market place recently to concentrate on the Chromebook.

The Chromebox is a much better option than a Chromebook if you like computing at a desktop with a separate keyboard and monitor. This makes the Chomebox a great choice for anyone who is looking to replace a desktop PC. You just take a look at the reviews the Chromebox gets on Amazon and you’ll see this is the case.

Most of the reviews are from people who had enough of Microsoft Windows and wanted to try something else. It’s nice to see that all of the reviews say how they wish they made the move to the Chromebox years ago.

This is why the Chromebox is still important for Google. Not everyone likes working with a laptop because they are much smaller and you cannot get that big screen affect you can get with a desktop computer.

By using a Chromebox you can still choose a separate monitor to run it on, which brings the Chrome OS experience to the big screen. Rather strangely, when using a Chromebox you forget about the fact you are no longer using a Microsoft windows PC. This is because the way you have it setup on your desk is just the same.

The great thing about the Chromebox vs a Windows desktop PC is the size. The Chromebox is tiny in comparison to what you get from a traditional desktop computer. They are also much more quieter when running because the Chrome OS is one of the slickest operating systems around.

Chromebook vs Chromebox – which should you choose

This all depends on what you do when using your computer. If you are used to laptops and prefer to keep the laptop experience, then it makes sense to opt for a Chromebook. If you like to use your computer on the move, again, it has to be the Chromebook.

However, if you use a computer on a desk at home and prefer a separate keyboard, mouse and monitor then you should definitely consider a Chromebox. The great thing is you can get your hands on a Chromebox relatively cheaply, as they start around the £250/$250 price tag. You can of course get a more expensive Chromebox if you need more power, but for most people if you just use your computer to surf the web, an entry level Chromebox will do.

When you consider the price of entry level Chromebox and Chromebooks there is always an argument of getting both. This means you could use your Chromebook when out and about and the Chromebox when you need to sit at a desk to get some serious work done.

Either way, whether you choose a Chromebook or Chromebox you’ll be much happier than if you chose a Microsoft Windows based PC. Sure, you cannot do everything on a Chrome OS computer that you can do on a Microsoft Windows machine, but if you spend the majority of your time surfing the web. Then having a Windows based computer makes no sense at all.