Chromebook explained – The essential Chromebook buying guide

If you’re considering buying a Chromebook but are unsure what they are all about. Then you’ll find this Essential Chromebook buying guide useful. The Chromebook and the operating system Chrome OS have seen huge success in the last few years.

The success of Chrome OS is only going to continue as more people make the switch to the Chromebook. The Chromebook is the most popular Chrome OS computer, but there are other types available as well. Such as the Chromebox, which is a desktop computer.

Chrome OS was developed by Google and it receives regular updates. These updates keep you safe whilst surfing online and they also provide new functionality. The changes to Chrome OS since it was first launched in 2011 are pretty remarkable. If you’re considering buying a Chromebook or are interested in what all the fuss is about. Then this Chromebook buying guide is for you.

The Chromebook buying guide

These are the subjects that are covered:

  • What is Chrome OS
  • Why the Chromebook is so fast
  • The Chromebook is safe with built-in Virus protection
  • Why the Chromebook is easy to use
  • Chrome OS updates
  • Different type of Chrome OS computers
  • The Price of Chromebooks
  • The Budget Chromebook and specification to expect
  • The Medium-spec Chromebook and specification to expect
  • Android Apps
  • Linux Apps
  • Can you use MS office on a Chromebook
  • The Free Google Office Suite
  • Playing games on a Chromebook or Chromebox
  • Ports & Connectivity
  • Chromebook battery life
  • Chrome AUE date

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