Chrome OS is now styled as ChromeOS

Chrome OS is the operating system used on Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and Chromebases. Since it was launched in 2011 it was styled as Chrome OS. Google has now decided to style their operating system as ChromeOS.

Yes, I completely agree this is a very small change, however, it’s still worth mentioning because you’ll most likely see the OS being referred to as ChromeOS in the future rather than Chrome OS.

Although this may not sound like a big change it does bring up a different question, which is ChromeOS becoming more widely known than the word ‘Chromebook’.

The Chromebook

Since the launch of ChromeOS over a decade ago the OS name hasn’t really been recognised. Instead, people were far more familiar with the most popular device using this OS, which is the Chromebook.

Whenever anyone thinks about buying a computer using ChromeOS, they immediately think of the Chromebook. This has been something that I’ve had an issue with for some time because a Chromebook is simply a laptop.

Referring to anything about ChromeOS usually means using the word Chromebook. This can be confusing for people who may be making the switch to ChromeOS. Check out my Top Ten Chromebooks in 2022.

The Chromebook is just a laptop

The main reason why I’ve had an issue with everything being referred to as the Chromebook. Is that it gives the impression that there isn’t any other type of computer that runs ChromeOS.

Sure, it’s without question that the Chromebook is the most popular device type running on the platform. However, the Chromebox is also a popular desktop computer that runs on ChromeOS; yet you never really see this being mentioned as much.

If you own a Chromebox or a Chromebase you’ll possibly search for topics using the word Chromebox rather than Chromebook. It’s most likely you’ll find a lot fewer search results for this, as most people use the Chromebook as the brand name. Yet, a lot of results using the word Chromebook still have information useful to Chromebox users.

The Chromebook name has been used to cover all topics for anything to do with ChromeOS. Perhaps Google changing the name from Chrome OS to ChromeOS will get people thinking about using ChromeOS more in the future.