Chrome OS calendar gets more improvements to help with productivity

A few months ago I wrote an article about the ability to have a calendar on your Chromebook. I’m not referring to the Google calendar, but an actual calendar you can access from the settings at the bottom right of your Chrome OS desktop.

At the moment the calendar is still in production therefore it isn’t available as standard. To use the calendar you need to use a Chrome OS flag. Chrome OS flags are perfectly safe to use and you can enable them whilst keeping your Chromebook on the stable channel.

To find out more about enabling the calendar. Take a look at my article, which shows you how to enable the calendar in Chrome OS.

What does a Chrome OS flag do?

A Chrome OS flag is something that you can enable, which provides you extra functionality that isn’t available as standard. The purpose of these flags is to give you access to functionality that will eventually be available as standard on the stable channel.

These flags can exist for months or even years before they are eventually implemented in the stable channel. The good thing about Chrome OS flags is that they are easy to enable and can be easily disabled if you don’t want to use them anymore.

Some flags may not appear to change your Chromebook. This is because some flags have been specifically created for specific situations, which you may never need. Therefore, it’s best to only enable flags that you understand and know what they’ll do.

A great example of another flag, which I would highly recommend trying will give you a new Start menu or what is known officially as the Chrome OS app launcher.

Chrome OS calendar improvements

Because the calendar is currently available by using a flag means it’s a work in progress. Since I originally used it a few months ago it has improved dramatically. These continued improvements help to keep you productive throughout the day.

The latest improvements fix the issue of your Google calendar events not showing in chronological order. The calendar now shows you any events you have in your Google calendar by displaying a little dot under each date.

If you click on a date and no events are recorded for that day. You’ll find a link that will take you to your Google calendar. This is great because it avoids you having to navigate to your Google calendar, so it saves time. This then allows you to quickly add any events to your diary.

If you click on a date where you have events. You’ll see a list of the events you have in your diary. These are listed in chronological order, which helps you to manage your time during the day. If you use colour coding when adding events to your Google calendar. You’ll be happy to know these are also used on the Chrome OS calendar.

The calendar is clearly separated from the settings menu

One of the things that I did find a little frustrating until the latest update was how you accessed the menu. The date and time were shown at the bottom right of your Chrome OS desktop next to all the other settings. This could make it difficult to know where to click for either your settings or the calendar.

Chrome os settings
How the settings look before the latest improvements

The latest update has fixed this problem and the calendar and settings are clearly separated. This makes it much easier to know where to click depending on what you need to access. It also looks a lot nicer than it previously did.


The latest updates to the calendar should be available once you’re running Chrome OS 102 and have the flag enabled. If you’d like to see how this looks then I’d watch the video from my YouTube channel that I’ve added to this article. This video will show you the latest improvements when running Chrome OS 102, which is two versions ahead of the current stable channel 100.

Apart from a slight issue, which I discuss in the video. I’m really impressed with the calendar and I would not be surprised if we see it launched soon without the need of enabling a flag. A calendar was something that was much needed and I’m so glad we now have access to one on the Chromebook.

The fact it syncs with Google calendar is another cool feature. It just makes your working day a lot easier with the calendar installed. If you’ve not yet tried it I would strongly recommend doing so. I’m sure you’ll be happy with how it works.