Chrome OS 77 update brings Google Assistant to more Chromebooks

If you own an Android phone or a Google Home then you will be very familiar with the Google Assistant. Google Assistant allows you to carry out certain functions and ask questions with your voice.

Until the release of Chrome OS 77, it was only available on Google manufacturered hardware such as the Pixelbook and Pixelslate. Now more Chromebook owners can take advantage of having Google Assistant when they update their Chromebook to Chrome OS 77.


Do not worry if your device is not yet running Chrome OS 77. It’s being rolled out over the next few weeks to all compatible devices.

When you update to Chrome OS 77 you should be automatically notified that Google Assistant is now available on your device. If not, you can enable it manually via Settings > Search and Assistant > Google Assistant.

You’ll then need to enable ‘Voice Input’, which is important because you need to train Google Assistant to understand your voice.

Once you’ve set up Google Assistant you’ll be happy to know that there is a keyboard shortcut. This avoids you having to say “Hey Google” or “Hi Google. You can use the shortcut by holding down the ‘search’ key and pressing the letter ‘a’.


I love using my Google Home for voice commands. Having Google Assistant available on your Chromebook will give you another way to give your device commands. It will also be much easier to find something out about a particular subject without having to type the words into Google Search.

If you’ve not used Google Assistant before, you should give it a try when it rolls out to your particular device. At first, you may feel that it’s no quicker than typing in commands and using your touchpad. However, I’m sure over time you’ll realise that it does have its benefits.

There are hundreds of commands you can use with Google Assistant. I must admit this is the hardest part. Trying to remember all of the commands you can use. I definitely don’t take full advantage of the commands available. However, once you’ve learned certain commands you tend to remember them for future use.


I’ll go over Google Assistant voice commands in more detail once it has rolled out to more Chromebook devices. For now, I’ll mention the ‘Remind me’ command. I use this regularly because it’s the easiest way to get your Google Assistant to remind you to do something.

How many times are you working and suddenly remember you need to do something. Sometimes, you’ll stop what you’re doing to make a note on a piece of paper, other times you may carry on with what you’re doing. The problem with that is that you may forget again.

The ‘remind me’ command is simple to use and can stop you forgetting your best friends birthday or that important meeting.