Best SD Cards to increase your Chromebook storage

If you’re looking to increase the storage of your Chromebook then you’ve many options to choose from. One of the cheapest and possibly easiest ways of doing this is to use an SD card.

Chromebook computers generally come with a lot less storage than a traditional computer. The storage for most Chrome OS devices has increased in the last couple of years for Android Apps.

However, if you’re still struggling with the amount of storage available. Then adding an SD card is the perfect solution. So let’s take a look at some of the best SD cards you can get for your money.


When it comes to buying SD Cards you’ll notice the price goes up a lot depending on the size you’re looking for. If you want to add extra storage without spending a lot of money a 32GB SD card is perfect.

An extra 32GB of space is ideal if you do not intend saving huge amounts of data locally. It’s plenty of space if you use your local storage for saving documents.

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Sandisk is a very popular name when it comes to SD cards. They have a great reputation and are known for manufacturing SD cards that last.

Adding extra storage by using a 32GB SD card for your Chromebook is one of the cheapest options available.


If you think 32GB may not be enough storage for your Chromebook. Then the next size available is 64GB. This is a huge amount of extra storage when you consider a lot of Chromebooks come with this amount of storage as standard.

This means you could be doubling the amount of storage of your Chrome OS device. Also, an SD card with 64GB can be picked up at really decent prices. Samsung is another brand that makes excellent SD cards that are built to last.

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You’d be surprised how much you can store on 64GB, which makes it possibly the best overall solution to adding extra storage. Whether it’s documents, images or videos you’ll have plenty of extra storage for your Chromebook computer.

The price difference between 32GB and 64GB is now barely noticeable. So the 64GB version provides much better value for money.


If 64GB sounds tempting but you’re after even more storage space for your Chromebook. Then an SD card with 128GB will provide you with that.

Not even many Chromebooks come with this amount of storage, so you’d be adding a major boost to your Chrome OS storage.

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Luckily, the price of SD cards has reduced dramatically over the last couple of years. So even adding an extra 128GB of storage to your Chromebook is not going to cost you too much money.

This amount of storage should be fine for most people and is ideal for people who want to store a lot of videos locally.


Before you buy a Micro SD card it’s important you check that your Chromebook supports this. Most Chromebook devices do come with a Micro SD slot making it easy to add extra storage.

However, you should check this before buying a card because some Chrome OS devices do not have a Micro SD slot.

Although most devices use Micro SD some may use a larger version than Micro SD. So check on your Chromebook device for this. If you can see an SD slot, but it isn’t a Micro SD slot. Then you just need to make sure any SD Card you buy comes with an adapter.

Alternatively, you could try buying an SD card that is suitable to the slot your Chrome OS device offers. If you don’t have an SD slot available then you’ll need to look at other ways of adding extra storage. You can find out more by reading How to add extra storage to your Chromebook.


If you’re looking to buy an SD card to add extra storage that can easily be taken with you when out and about. You may want to check how your Micro SD slot works on your Chromebook.

Unfortunately, the only real way of doing this is by either buying a card or doing some research on Google.

On some devices, the card fits right into the slot. This is ideal because it means the card is not visible when inserted. To remove the card you simply push on it and it clicks out.

However, on some devices the SD Card may not go all the way in. This means the card is inserted but about half of the card is still visible. This is fine, but it does mean you’ll have the card slightly sticking out. This may be frustrating when you’re out and about.


You should never just remove the SD card from your Chromebook computer. Doing this can corrupt the data that is stored on the card. This is the same with almost all technology products.

Before removing the card you must ensure you press the ‘eject’ icon next to the SD card you want to remove. You’ll find this eject icon in your Chromebook files section.


It’s annoying when you run out of space on your Chromebook. Luckily, if you have a Micro SD slot available it’s really easy to add extra storage.

It’s a really cheap way of adding extra storage to your device. If you’re looking at storing a lot of videos. Then you should aim for an SD card with more storage space. If you only intend to save documents, then a 32GB card should be enough for your needs.

You must remember though. When adding external storage of any type how you’ll back that data up. If the data held on the SD card is important, then it’s vital that you back up that data to another source.