Auto Update Expiration date for your Chromebook soon to show in settings

Chromebooks and any device that runs on Chrome OS comes with an Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date. Until this date is reached your Chromebook computer will receive automatic updates. After this date, your Chromebook will still work as normal but may no longer receive automatic updates.

This has been a real concern for some people when considering buying a Chromebook. This is totally understandable because when you buy a new device, you want to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Google has decided to be more transparent about this by providing the AUE information in settings on all Chromebook devices. This will make it easy to check when your Chromebook will stop receiving automatic updates. Find out more about the Google Auto Update Expiration Date policy and why it’s needed.


Google extended the AUE policy for Chrome OS Devices, so any new device will be supported for 6.5 years. It’s important to remember this date is based on when the model is released to the public. This means if you buy a Chromebook that has been available for two years, then it would have 4.5 years of automatic updates left.

This is something you should consider if buying a second-hand Chromebook or a Chromebook that has been for sale for some time. Lately, we’ve seen many new Chromebook devices being launched, which reduces the likelihood of anyone buying a device that has a short end-of-life date.

AUE date will show in Chrome OS settings
The AUE date will soon show in the About Chrome OS section in settings

That being said, popular Chromebooks that were released some years ago are still selling extremely well. This is not necessarily a bad thing because it shows the device is still very much wanted. Also, Chromebooks that have been available for some years can be picked up at a much cheaper price than when they were originally launched.

So it’s true that you can get a bargain when buying an older Chromebook model. You just need to ensure you’re aware of the AUE date for that particular model before making any purchase. Find out the AUE date for any Chromebook.


It’s also worth remembering that the 6.5 years for new Chromebooks is the absolute minimum under the Auto Update Expiration Date policy. Recently, Google has announced that some Chromebooks will be getting their end-of-life date extended.

This is great news because it means you’ll get automatic updates for a longer period of time. This is why the AUE date showing in Chrome OS settings is a welcome change and will provide more transparency for Chrome OS users.