Asus fanless Chromebook looks more like a router than a computer

When you think about a Chromebox you would automatically think of a small square box that sits neatly on your desk. The latest Chromebox from Asus has moved away from that look, and at first glance, it looks more like a router. Something else that makes it look different is the metal fins that go all away across the top of the device. They may look a little peculiar but these were necessary for Asus to offer a powerful Chromebox without the need for fans.

This is great if you’re in an environment where you could do without the noise fans can make. In an office environment, this can be really noticeable if a lot of computers are located close to each other. It’s pretty impressive to see Asus has managed to offer a fanless computer that comes with a tenth-generation intel core processor.

The two antennas, which gives it that router look plays a big part in ensuring you get the best WiFi connection. Absolutely essential if you’re in an environment where it’s difficult to achieve a decent WiFi connection. Aimed at the enterprise and education market. This Asus Chromebox offers a lot.

It’s perfect for retail environments

Most smaller retailers today don’t use traditional tills. Instead, they opt for either a tablet or other type of computer to process transactions. The fanless Asus Chromebox is perfect for this because it takes up very little room, which allows you to keep your boutique shop looking minimalist and less cluttered.

Not only that. It also comes with a legacy RS-232 port, which is used for bar code scanners and receipt printers. This means it’s the perfect choice for the smaller retailer who wants to process their transactions using Chrome OS. It can be mounted on the back of a monitor or even under a desk to keep your workspace clear from unnecessary clutter.

ports on the back of Asus Fanless Chromebox
Plenty of ports available on the Asus Fanless Chromebox

A huge selection of ports are available

The fanless Chromebox by Asus comes with a huge selection of ports on the back. This includes an ethernet port, three USB 3 ports, a USB Type C port and two HDMI ports. All this is on top of the legacy RS-232 port for the use of a scanner, barcode or printer. On the front of the device, you’ll find a further two USB ports and a Micro SD slot to expand storage at a later date.

This means you have the ability to connect three 4K displays to the Asus Chromebox. This makes it ideal for displaying adverts on digital display boards. Whether that is in a retail unit or a larger retail space like a shopping centre.

If you want to know more you can take a look at what else is offered on the Asus Website.