Asus CX5 Chromebook speakers have finally been fixed

I’ve been buying a few different Chromebooks over the last year or so. I had given my much-loved Asus C302 to my brother because it will stop receiving Chrome OS updates in 2023. Since then I’ve tried a few such as the Acer Spin 713, which is great but wasn’t for me. I then bought the budget Acer 311 C722, which is fine for the price, but the screen isn’t something I could cope with on a daily basis.

I then decided to buy the Asus CX5 Chromebook. I bought it in late 2021 and thought I’d have no issues because I love Asus devices. What attracted me to it was the decent performance thanks to the eleventh-generation processor and the stunning looks thanks to the ceramic white top and black interior. The contrasting colors look amazing.

I was really disappointed because I immediately noticed an issue with the speakers. The speakers appeared to keep on fading in and out from the left to right speaker. Nothing you’d recognize that much until it came to playing games or listening to music. It was so bad that it actually put me off wanting to use it.

I bought a Pixelbook Go out of sheer frustration

At the time when I had the issue, I did a check online and there were many others reporting the same problem. I was convinced it was more of a technical issue that could be fixed with a software tweak rather than a mechanical one.

Since I’ve had the issue I’ve not really been using my CX5. In fact, I decided to go out and buy the Pixelbook Go as my daily laptop. Not something I regret because I absolutely love the Pixelbook Go. Since then, I’ve been using my Asus CX5 when I create videos for my YouTube channel, as my Asus Chromebox I used to use is now mainly used for personal use and playing games using Nvidia GeForce Now.

Asus CX5 Chromebook
Asus CX5 is overall a great laptop

To keep up with the latest improvements to Chrome OS. I decided to put my Asus CX5 into the developer channel. The speaker issue was still a problem and has been since the day I bought it. I can safely say the whole experience has really got me frustrated. That is until the latest Chrome OS update.

The Asus CX5 speaker issue appears to be fixed

I’m really happy to report that today after updating to Chrome OS 103 the issue has gone. I decided to give the speakers a quick check by playing some music on YouTube. I’ve come to know this issue, so you’ve got to play some music for a couple of minutes to recognize whether it’s still happening. That’s how intermittent it can be.

The good news is. I was about four minutes into the song and everything was sounding fine. I decided to play another song with slightly different use of treble and bass, and it was all working as it should.

Asus CX5 Chromebook Harman / Kardon sound
Asus CX5 speakers sound great when they work

I’m hoping this means that Asus and/or Google have finally accepted the issue with the speakers was something they had to fix. I got really upset reading some of the issues other customers had with the device. Many of them returned them for a refund, but if you were too late in doing this you’d have to go down the repair route.

I’m hoping the speaker fix lasts

It’s early days because I thought the issue had been fixed before. However, this time I do get a feeling from how good the speakers sound that it’s possibly been resolved once and for all. As I’ve said I’m on the developer channel, but I’m hoping this fix has been rolled out to the stable channel Chrome OS 101.

I really do hope the speaker issues I’ve had to deal with along with anyone else who owns the CX5 have been fixed for good. The most frustrating thing is apart from the speaker issue, the Asus CX5 is a damn good laptop. It looks great, the performance is amazing and the speakers are excellent when it comes to sonic performance.

I’ll have to keep an eye on it and see what happens. What I do know is that if it does come back. Then I’m going to have to create an ongoing reporting log and keep everyone updated. After all, I don’t want to be telling everyone it has been fixed if it ends up coming back a few months down the line.

9 thoughts on “Asus CX5 Chromebook speakers have finally been fixed”

  1. Hi
    Thank you for your great work.
    I’m from Denmark, and I’ve just picked up my CX5 from repair today after almost a month at Asus repairshop in the Netherlands.
    I’m running ver. 102 stable, but to my big surprice the sound problem still remain! They wrote that they replaced the speaker… I’ve just startet a new RMA…

    • Hi Dennis

      Thanks for reading my blog and kind words. It’s frustrating that you’re having issues still with your Asus CX5. I really don’t think a manual repair is what the issue is. I’m 100% convinced it’s all software based. This is because my Asus CX5 has been fine for the last couple of weeks. It’s an intermittent problem, which I hope I’ll not get again. I hope you get your speakers resolved because it’s a great Chromebook when the speakers are working all ok.


  2. Me too. Just found this website after googling it but your description sounds exactly like my issue. Sadly it is still there and not gone. Has yours come back? I just did a beta update and running Version 106.0.5249.14 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) – do you think it could disappear if I went back from beta to the official releases?

    • Hi Roman

      I don’t really know what causes it to appear and disappear. The only thing I can say is that it’s obviously a software issue, so it can be fixed. I hope you get it sorted out soon. I’ve not used mine recently, so I’ll have to check if it still works all ok.

    • Toro, could you describe your methods that keeps your Chromebook pinned to a specific ChromeOS version? Otherwise the Chromebook’s update engine will simply update the device to the latest version when it next reboots. Thanks!

  3. I’ve contacted Asus over 10 times with this issue and it’s so infuriating.
    They are clearly not willing to acknowledge that they messed up with the design of this wonderful machine. They throw the usual playbook response to the first 4 interactions with them (not even reading what I write) and then on the 5th reply they ask you to send them the machine as if it was a hardware issue. I like Asus, but they’re really falling from grace with this one.
    Added to the fact that Chromebooks don’t let you stay on a previous version of their OS (nor can we roll back without updating) this is a huge pain.
    I’m really handy with electronics, in the next few days I’m planning to “hotwire” a pair of internal Dell speakers into the CX5 to see if I can solve this crazy stupid issue myself.
    I’ll let you guys know the results

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