After using new more powerful Chromebooks I still prefer the Pixelbook Go

Apart from my first-ever Chromebook, which was an 11.6-inch HP device, and my Asus 3 Chromebox which I also love. The Chromebook I got on with the most was the Asus C302. This is the Chromebook I’ve definitely owned the longest because I absolutely loved it.

It’s fair to say the Asus C302 is an old laptop and will receive its last Chrome OS update in June 2023. Although I loved it I had to consider a new Chromebook because of the AUE date getting close. It had a couple of years of updates left, so I decided to give it to my brother last year. Since then I’ve really struggled to try and get a Chromebook I feel comfortable with.

I’ve bought the budget Acer C722, which is good for the price but has its flaws. I’ve owned a Pixel Slate, which I again loved but couldn’t get the official keyboard for it. I then bought the Acer Spin 713, which I owned for about six months before replacing it with the Asus CX5. The Asus CX5 isn’t for me either, so I’ve been searching high and low for the Chromebook I want to use on a daily basis.

I wasn’t feeling it with my new Chromebooks

I owned all of the above devices in a two year period. That’s a lot of devices to buy, so why did I not end up finding a device I loved? Well, it took a while for me to realise but although all of the devices I bought are good. None of them really got me excited to use on a daily basis.

This was the problem I had. Since owning my Asus C302 none of the Chromebooks I bought since have given me that feeling of wanting to use it every day. My budget device had a relatively decent keyboard but the TN panel wasn’t great. The Acer 713 although a great device had a few build issues and the Asus CX5 is far too big and the speaker issues are annoying.

Asus CX5 Chromebook
I think choosing a 15.6-inch display was a mistake – The Asus CX5 is big

Because I own a Chromebox, which I use every day it was very easy for me to forget about all the laptops that I owned. None of them apart from the Pixel Slate, which is awesome, amazed me so much that I was eager to get my hands on them.

I like Chromebooks that are compact with a great design

The reason why I loved the Pixel Slate was that it had an amazing display, excellent speakers and a really sexy look to it. However, because I was unable to get the original keyboard. I had to opt for a Brydge keyboard, which was fine to use, but it didn’t wow me.

I found both the Acer Spin 713 and Asus CX5 were far too big for me, even for use at home. I want to have the ability to carry around the laptop with one hand without it feeling heavy and awkward. I also want a laptop that I can easily store and get access to at any time.

My Asus CX5 and Pixelbook Go Chromebooks
My Asus CX5 looks great but is much bigger than the Pixelbook Go

The last Chromebook I owned that gave me all of this was my Asus C302. Perfect in size with its 12.5-inch display and a decent design. It wasn’t perfect but it was definitely the best Chromebook I owned. I’ve released what I want from a Chromebook is a compact design, great display, good sound and an excellent keyboard.

I’ve just bought a Pixelbook Go

Armed with everything I now know about what I want from a laptop. I decided the only option on the market, which will offer me everything I need was the Pixelbook Go. I’ve used a Pixelbook Go before at a retailer to get an understanding of how good it is. However, I’ve never owned one myself to use personally.

I’ve only had my Pixelbook Go for about a week and I already know this is the one for me. Yes, it’s true that it will only receive updates until June 2026. However, I’d rather have a laptop that I love to use that will get updates for four years; than a laptop I don’t really get on with that will receive updates for eight. That is why I’ve rated it as still being the best Chromebook you can buy in 2022.

My Pixelbook Go
Pixelbook Go is the perfect size for a laptop

I already knew the Pixelbook Go was one of the best Chromebooks you can buy, but I was put off by the AUE date. The AUE Date is still an issue when it comes to buying a Chromebook. You may love a certain model but if updates will end in a few years’ time, it can make you think twice before buying it.

I then realised that I’ve never owned a Chromebook or any laptop for more than four years. Even my Asus C302 and MS laptops I owned before Chrome OS was even a thing. None of them I’ve owned for more than four years. For me, four years is still an incredibly long time for owning a laptop, so I’m happy with my purchase.

I’m hoping we get more Pixelbook Go type Chromebooks in the future

I totally appreciate everyone has a different reason for buying a laptop. This is why we have such a wide range of Chrome OS devices to choose from. However, even after owning two of the latest higher-spec devices. I realised a laptop with a super-powerful processor, loads of storage, and plenty of RAM isn’t what makes a laptop great.

What makes a laptop great is that it suits what you need from your laptop. I’m not talking about the performance side of things right now. I’m referring to the design, size, weight and functionality. These are really important and I think manufacturers need to start concentrating on this more.

It’s really lazy to release a new laptop with the latest processor and expect that to be enough. That isn’t what makes a Chromebook great. Don’t get me wrong having a lot of processing power may be necessary for you. However, I’m sure there are other things you look for when buying a laptop.

2 thoughts on “After using new more powerful Chromebooks I still prefer the Pixelbook Go”

  1. But the Pixelbook Go with its premium pricetag still uses eMMC for it’s storage. That’s just not acceptable in 2022.

  2. This was exactly my progression-I too started with the ASUS C302-which was a great device.
    My C302 case was splitting, and then there was water damage, so I had to move on.
    The Pixelbook Go has an excellent build quality , keyboard, speakers, and battery life.
    The light weight makes it great to travel with.
    It is a great example of why you should IGNORE specs, sometimes.

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