Acer Spin 713 Chromebook review

One of the best Chromebooks you could buy in 2019 was the Acer Spin 13. So it’s really exciting to see Acer has launched a replacement model in 2020. The Acer Spin 713 offers everything you got with the Spin 13, but with upgraded internals and a more attractive build quality.

Acer makes some great Chromebooks but they tend to not get the same attention as others when launched. This is mainly because they’ve released a lot fewer Chromebooks in the last couple of years compared to Asus or Lenovo.

The thing is though when Acer releases a new Chromebook. You can always rely on it being pretty special. So let’s take a closer look at their latest laptop in this Acer Spin 713 Chromebook review.


Acer is not really known for bringing out laptops, which look out of the ordinary. Instead of aiming at people who like ultra-cool laptops like the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. They opt for providing well built sturdy laptops, which perform for the more serious worker.

I personally like the look of the Asus 713. Its dark grey casing looks rather elegant and cool. It doesn’t need to show off too much on the outside because what it offers overall is exceptional.

The lid and the bottom of the laptop is aluminium. While the inside is made of a really decent solid plastic. Some may be put off with it not being aluminium inside, but trust me it looks perfectly fine and is very durable.

In fact, when it comes to how strong this laptop is. You’ll be happy to know it has passed all the tests to be considered ‘MIL-STD 810G’ compliant. This is a military-grade test, which means among other things that it can take a fall from 4 feet without any damage.

Although I’m not 100% convinced about Hybrid Chromebooks. It’s good to see the Acer 713 does offer 2-in-1 functionality for those who want it. This means you can use the device as a laptop or tablet.

It’s pretty lightweight as well at just 3.02 lbs/1.37kg. Sure, it’s not the lightest laptop out there but when you consider the premium aluminium casing there isn’t too much to complain about.


Most high spec Chromebooks launched in the last year or two offer a wide range of configurations. This is good to see because it means you can choose the model perfect for your needs. It also means you can try and buy a laptop to match your budget.

The Acer Spin 713 is available in two different models. Let’s take a look at each one to help you make the right buying choice. An i7 model is available, but no specs for this were available when writing this review.


The entry-level model for the Acer Spin 713 comes with an Intel i3 processor. It’s a tenth generation dual-core processor with a base speed of 2.10 GHz and a turbo speed of 4.10 GHz. It also comes with 4MB cache.

We’re starting to get a lot more RAM available in Chromebooks in 2020. This is great to see because you can never have enough RAM. The 8GB of RAM available will ensure the Chromebook is future proof.

It also comes with 128GB of storage. This is more than enough for most people. You’ll easily be able to install plenty of Android apps without having to worry about the storage on offer. Unsure whether it is enough? find out more about how much storage you need for a Chromebook.


The i5 version of the Acer Spin 713 offers the same amount of RAM and storage. Again, this is perfectly fine for any task you’ll want to carry out on a Chromebook computer.

The main difference obviously being the processor used. Again, you’re getting a tenth generation processor. This means the Acer 713 will get up to eight years of Chrome OS updates. So there is no need to worry about your Chromebook AUE date, as it will receive updates until June 2028.

The i5 processor is quad-core, so you’re getting double the number of processing cores. This will provide much better performance than the i3 dual-core. It’s got a base speed of 1.60 GHz and a turbo speed of 3.40 GHz, but remember you cannot compare just the clock speed. The clock speed for the i5 might be lower than the i3, but you’ve got double the cores.

An Intel i5 processor with 8GB of RAM is the maximum you need from a Chromebook right now. Don’t get me wrong more RAM can always be beneficial, but you really don’t need more than an i5 processor on a Chromebook in 2020. Find out how much RAM you need for your Chromebook.

Acer 713 Chromebook
The Acer 713 Chromebook Spin has a fantastic display


It’s great we have more options when it comes to choosing the processor. The problem is it can cause people to buy something they don’t need.

Although the idea of owning a laptop with an Intel i5 may sound impressive. You shouldn’t assume the i3 version will not be able to handle most tasks a Chromebook can do.

It’s made even trickier when choosing between the two different Acer 713 configurations. This is because the RAM and storage offered on both are the same. Generally speaking, you would expect to see more RAM and storage on the higher-performing processor. This then makes it a much easier choice.

However, the RAM and storage offered are more than enough and because you don’t get any more from the i5 version. The only thing you need to consider is the price and the difference in performance.

Yes, the i5 will without question perform better at certain tasks. If you’re buying a Chromebook to surf the net, stream movies and use Android apps. Then the i3 version will be suitable for most people. I’d only opt for the i5 version if you’ve got specific tasks that need the extra power. Find out why you don’t need an i7 processor for a Chromebook.


One of the reasons why I loved the Acer Spin 13 was the display. Thankfully, Acer has continued this trend with the Spin 713. The display is fantastic and you’ll be staring at the display a lot just admiring how stunning everything looks.

This is helped by the super-thin bezels around the screen. It’s just a shame the bottom bezel isn’t as thin. Not so bad in laptop mode, but it can look a little odd in tablet mode when you’ve got uneven bezels to deal with.

It does not offer the traditional 16:9 widescreen, which you find on most Chromebooks. Just like the Acer Spin 13; the Acer Spin 713 comes with a 3:2 aspect ratio.

What this means in practice is that you get a lot more information on the display compared to 16:9. If you’ve ever used a Pixelbook or Pixel Slate you’ll already know how 3:2 aspect ratio has a lot of advantages. Find out more about the type of display to choose when buying a Chromebook.

Acer 713 Chromebook in tent mode
Acer 713 Chromebook in tent mode

I like the display size as well at 13.5-inches. I’m really preferring the range of Chromebooks we are seeing with displays between 12.5 and 13.5-inches. They are big enough to provide everything you need and take up much less room than a 14-inch display. The aspect ratio of 3:2 also means you’ll still see more text on a website than you would on a 15-inch 16:9 display.

The display on the Acer 713 is simply beautiful. This is helped by the IPS panel offering great viewing angles. The main reason though is the resolution of 2,256 by 1,504 pixels. Yes, I know, what a strange resolution. It doesn’t matter though because it beats full HD of 1,920 by 1,080 every time.

Whether it’s text, images or video you get super sharp and crisp results. If like me you believe what makes a good laptop is a display. Then the Acer 713 is an utterly amazing laptop. You’ll definitely not be disappointed with the display quality offered here.


The keyboard is backlit, which should not come as any big surprise in this price range. I think the days of keyboards without a backlit in mid-range and high-spec laptops are gone. It’s still nice to see though and it makes typing much easier in the dark.

It’s a full-size keyboard so the keys are nicely spaced out, which makes typing on this keyboard a nice experience. I really do like a good keyboard and the Acer Spin 713 offers just that. Great key travel, so you’ll be comfortable typing on this all day long.

The battery life is really impressive as well when you consider this is a pretty powerful computer. Acer confirms it can last for 10 hours, so you’ll easily get 8 hours from a single charge. So it continues to offer the great battery life we’ve come to expect from Chromebooks.

When it comes to the ports you’ll find a USB Type-C on either side. USB Type-C is used for charging the device and you can also use it to connect an external display. I like laptops with a USB Type-C on both sides because it makes charging while using the laptop perfect for all seating positions.

You’ll be happy if you’ve got older peripherals, which do not support Type-C as well. Because it also offers a USB Type-A port. If you’re worried about the 128GB not being enough. You don’t need to because the Micro SD slot makes adding further storage at a later date easy.

You can tell this laptop was made with the serious user in mind. I say this because you’ll also find an HDMI port. We don’t tend to see HDMI on laptops much these days. It’s perfect for dealing with any situation where you cannot connect with Type-C, which would usually be in an office environment.


The Acer Spin 713 Chromebook is a worthy upgrade to the older Acer 13 device. Yes, not everyone will be happy with the look of this laptop. However, I personally like the understated elegant look.

The performance is fine for just about anything you’ll want to do on a Chromebook. It’s also good to see it’s available in different configurations.

What makes this laptop stand out though is the display. The aspect ratio I really am beginning to prefer over the more popular 16:9. It’s super bright as well. The strange none standard resolution is a little odd, but don’t let that fool you in any way. This laptop’s display is simply amazing.