Zoom PWA for Chrome OS now gives the option of a blurred background

The pandemic meant more people around the world had to use video conferencing software. There are many available and one of those is Zoom. You can use Zoom on Chrome OS because it was updated to a PWA app last year. A PWA, which stands for Progressive Web App can be used directly from the Chrome Browser.

I’ve said previously that PWA apps are the future for Chrome OS or any other type of computer for that matter. A PWA can offer powerful options directly from a browser, so you should not come across any compatibility issues. Any app that works directly from the browser is great for Chromebook users, as this is just how Google viewed the future of computing all those years ago when Chrome OS was launched back in 2011.

Video conferencing from home

I remember during the pandemic I had a few video conferencing calls. A few times, some people in the meeting did not want to turn on their video. Instead, they just opted to listen and contribute without their camera being switched on.

This can be down to being shy because some people don’t like being seen on camera. Or it could have been because they did not want people to see inside their homes. This is perfectly understandable, as it can feel strange to allow people to see inside your home.

Many of these meetings are work-related and therefore you possibly want to try and keep your work and social life as separate as possible. Having a conference call with ten of your work colleagues where they could see inside your home may have felt uncomfortable.

Zoom PWA blurred background or image

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to use their camera on conference calls because you’re concerned about your surroundings. You’ll be happy to know that you can now add a background to use instead. This will replace your existing background, so nobody will see anything other than you.

I’ve not yet tried this myself because I’m unsure how good this would work without having a green screen setup. I’ll have to take a look and do a video on my YouTube channel to show the results.

If you’d prefer not to use a picture you might be interested in the blurred background option. This sounds like a great feature, and it avoids you having to worry about making sure the picture you use will be suitable for meetings.


Having the option to replace your background during Zoom video calls is a great feature. One thing that you will need to consider is how much processing power this may need.

If your computer is having to transmit a real-time video to the rest of the group, and at the same time manipulate the background. I’d imagine you would need a Chromebook with a relatively decent processor and RAM to match. Take a look at my Top Ten Chromebooks of 2022 to get an idea of the type of device you may need.

To find out more head on over to the Zoom website for more information. Where you can find out more about how the video conferencing tool works. Remember, because it’s a PWA you don’t need to look for specific compatibility for Chrome OS. It should work just fine with your Chromebook or Chromebox without having to worry about installing any program.