Your Chromebook will soon get a longer battery life

When it comes to using technology that you take out and about with you. One thing that is really important is the battery. We’ve come a long way compared to where we were many years ago when it comes to battery technology. That being said, it’s still true that batteries deteriorate over time.

The best way to keep your battery to last longer is to only charge it when necessary. It’s still much better to let your battery run out of juice before charging it again. Not every time because this may not be very practical. However, if you get into the habit of letting your laptop battery completely run out before charging it again. You’ll be ensuring the battery lasts much longer.

When it comes to mobile phones this tends to be the case. We get up in the morning and head off to work with a fully charged battery. We then use our phones all day listening to music, watching videos and catching up on our social media. Because we use our phones so often we tend to know how long they can last before running out of battery. Therefore, most of us know we can get through the day on a single charge, and usually charge our phones overnight or when we get home. They are also nearly empty when we do this.

Constantly charging your battery when it isn’t necessary

If you’ve used a laptop running Microsoft Windows. You’ll know only too well how quickly the battery can run out of juice. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, Microsoft Windows uses a shocking amount of power just to boot up, and many Windows laptops come with moving parts.

The moving parts in a Windows laptop due to the hard disk takes up a lot of battery life. Therefore, anyone who has owned a Windows laptop will be forgiven for reaching for a power socket whenever one is available. This is the only way you can get through the day without your laptop running out of power.

The Chromebook battery life is much better. Even high-end Chromebooks have a battery life of at least seven hours. Some of the less powerful models boast a battery life as high as fifteen hours.

Although you can usually get through a whole day without charging a Chromebook. We tend to do the opposite. In fear of running out of juice on the way home from work means we charge our devices when it isn’t necessary. Constantly charging a battery when it’s not far from being full will damage it over time.

Leaving your laptop plugged in constantly

Another option people tend to opt for is plugging in their laptops whenever they are sitting at a desk. This is not advisable because having your Chromebook constantly connected will also damage your battery.

Essentially, we need to change our habits when it comes to charging our devices. The fact that most Chromebooks can last all day on a single charge. Should mean we don’t need to reach for that charger until we get home. This is the best way to ensure your battery will last over time.

Now that Chromebooks have a much longer AUE Date. It’s even more important to ensure you protect your battery. If all of this sounds too much then you may be happy with a new feature coming to Chrome OS.

Adaptive Charging coming to Chrome OS

Chrome OS will soon come with adaptive charging. This is very similar to what you currently get with Google Pixel phones. 9 to 5 Google has spotted a code change, which shows this feature is on the way.

It essentially manages how your device will charge when you plug your Chromebook into a power socket. Instead of assuming it needs to charge to 100% as quickly as possible. It will charge over a longer period of time. This will stop your laptop from being in a situation where the battery is fully charged but is still left in for charging when it isn’t necessary.

Exactly how this will work appears to be down to AI. The software will most likely recognise your daily routine and charge your laptop on that basis. It’s a little tricky though because we tend to charge our laptops differently from our phones.

You’ll be able to turn off this technology if you would prefer not to use it. Personally speaking, I would try and manage your Chromebooks battery life yourself. Easily done by not looking for a place to charge your laptop when it isn’t even necessary. We just need to get used to the fact that Chromebooks have pretty decent battery life.