You will be notified when using the wrong USB cable on your Chromebook

Where would we be without USB Type-C? This relatively new USB technology, which we’ve seen in Chromebooks for some years now is much better than the older USB Type-A. You can use it to charge your device, connect an external display or connect peripherals, which support it.

One thing that can be really frustrating is when you come across problems when using USB C cables. I had this issue recently when I found out I could not use my USB C cable on my Pixelbook Go to connect to an external display.

I found this frustrating because I could connect my other Chrome OS devices using the cable. This is where the problem starts. Unfortunately not all USB C cables are equal. Just another thing that can make choosing the right cable difficult.

Chrome OS will now tell you the USB cable isn’t up for the job

The good news is that Google is obviously aware of this issue. To try and help Chrome OS users an update is soon to be released to let you know if the cable you’re using supports your device. This is a great idea because it will remove any concerns about whether the issue is either with your device or the cable you’re using.

The update will mean you’ll receive a notification if the cable you’re using doesn’t support connecting it to an external display. It will also let you know whether the cable you’re using isn’t performing well enough for your specific Chromebook.

I really like this idea because you can buy the latest Chome OS laptop and without knowing the cable you’re using could be letting you down. This update will hopefully resolve this issue, so you’ll be able to buy the right tools for the job.

Newer Chromebooks will get the update first

This new update isn’t going to be available for every Chromebook device at the same time. The first Chromebooks to get this update will be where the processor is from the eleventh or twelve generations Intel range.

This makes sense because these devices will be the first to support the high-performance Thunderbolt 3 / USB 4 standards. This is possibly one of the main reasons why Google is introducing this new feature.

If you’re using a device with the latest ports you’ll surely want to ensure your laptop is taking advantage of that. This new update will let you know that the cable you’re using isn’t good enough to take advantage of USB 4 / Thunderbolt 3 performance standards.