You can now create a Video GIF with your Chromebook webcam

A GIF file is different to other image files because it can also be used to create short videos. Other formats have this functionality such as PNG, but GIF is the leader when it comes to short video files. You can now create quick video clips and save them in GIF format on your Chromebook. This is thanks to a new feature available on Chrome OS 100 onwards.

If you’ve not yet got access to Chrome OS 100 then be patient. Not all Chromebooks get Chrome OS updates at the same time. This is because they are rolled out to different models over a period of time. Once your Chromebook has updated to Chrome OS 100 you’ll have access to this feature. How to check what Chrome OS version your Chromebook is on.

It’s not necessarily difficult to create videos on your webcam. You can simply hit the record button and off you go. However, these are normally saved in file formats such as MP4. These files are made for much larger video files and are not as practical as GIFs if you want to make a short video.

What is a GIF file

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and was created in 1987 by Steve Wilhite. Considering GIF was created a long time ago in tech terms. You may still be shocked that the file format is still extremely popular today. Find out more about GIFs.

The main reason for this is that a GIF file can contain either a static image or include animation. If you’ve ever used social media you have possibly seen GIF images without realising. They are usually very short in length and the creator usually has file size in mind when creating the GIF. Therefore, a lot of GIFS are not necessarily of decent quality. They sacrifice quality for being very small in file size.

This is very important when working with video files. Video files have the ability to be extremely large in file size, and even a short 5-second video can be over 100MB in size. This is an issue if you want to share the video file on the internet. Larger files slow everything down, and this is where GIF comes in.

How do you create a GIF?

To create a GIF you would usually need software that is capable of recording in the GIF format. This may include paid software if you want to make the most of GIFs. When it comes to filming you do exactly the same as you would when creating any type of video. The only difference is you would then save the file as a GIF.

The good news is you can now create a GIF directly from your Chromebook webcam. You don’t need any special software. You simply change the setting to make the video file save as a GIF. It’s really simple to do and is a great addition to Chrome OS.

In the following video, I’ll show you how to create a GIF on your Chromebook. Providing you’re using Chrome OS 100 or later you’ll have this functionality available to you. So what are you waiting for? Grab your pet or family members and make a short GIF video to share with your friends or family.