Get great deals on a Chromebook when buying refurbished

The Chromebook was always known as being a cheaper alternative to buying a laptop using Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac. However, the Chromebook and Chrome OS have advanced in the last few years and you get a lot more from a Chromebook than you once did.

This is great news for anyone looking to buy a Chromebook but it also means they have risen in price. You can still get a budget entry Chromebook for less than £250/$250 and they offer great value.

However, you can get your hands on a Chromebook at a much cheaper price if you look around. Buying a refurbished Chromebook is perfect for those who are always on the lookout for a bargain.

What is a refurbished Chromebook

There are hundreds of thousands of technology products that are returned by customers in the UK and the USA every year. So it makes sense that some of the items returned are Chromebooks.

We all love shopping on the internet because for some of us it’s much easier than visiting your local high street. The problem with shopping online is that you do not know what you are buying until you have received it in the post. You may have done your homework before buying. Yet, you can still be in a situation where the product you have bought was not what you had expected.

Under UK law you are allowed to return any items bought on the internet for a full refund. It’s not like on the high street where you can only return an item if it’s faulty. This is because you had the ability to see the actual product before buying. When you buy online you do not have the ability to try before you buy. This is why the law protects you in these situations by allowing you to return a product with no questions asked.

Any items returned that have been opened cannot legally be sold again as being a new product. This is why you get a huge amount of technology products being sold as refurbished. It also means that retailers can try and recoup some of their costs by selling them to us the consumer at a much cheaper price.

Different grades of refurbished products

When looking to buy a refurbished Chromebook it’s always a good idea to check the grade of the refurbishment. Refurbished items fall into different categories, so it’s important you make the right choice before parting with your cash.

Different retailers will have different grading systems but they usually fall into the following category types.


These are usually items that have been opened and at this stage, the customer decided the product was not for them. They may have used the item a little but they return it in the same condition as it arrived. This is the best-refurbished grade because you are paying much less for a product that has hardly been used.

You would expect the product to be in perfect condition or it may have very slight cosmetic damage. Most of the times you would get the original packaging. However, there may be occasions where the customer had thrown the original packaging away.


If you are after a real bargain then you can buy a grade B item. However, you should be prepared that the item will have been used and may have obvious cosmetic damage.

Generally speaking, the item would not have the original packaging and any accessories may be missing or replaced with alternative options. You can find great bargains but this may not be the right option when buying technology products.


These items have been returned and have not been checked by the retailer. This means you have no idea whether the item is in good working order. Grade C refurbished is usually fine for certain items but I would not buy a technology product in this grading category.

Where to buy a refurbished Chromebook

Most retailers in the UK offer refurbished products but they are usually always sold on the internet. It’s extremely unlikely you would find refurbished products in store.

One of the most well known online retailers Amazon have some great deals on refurbished Chromebooks. I’ve just taken a quick look and there are at least 10 different Chromebook models currently available at great bargain prices.

Amazon renewed Chromebooks

You can find some great refurbished Chromebooks at Amazon. Their refurbishment programme is called ‘Amazon Renewed’ and you get certain guarantees as you would expect from such an established online retailer.

great deals on refurbished chromebooks
Get refurbished Chromebooks at Amazon at reduced prices

The Amazon renewed programme thoroughly check each product to make sure it works correctly. If any parts are faulty they are replaced. They also come with a one year warranty, which means you can find great deals on refurbished Chromebooks with that extra piece of mind.

There are many Chromebooks to choose from. If you are in the UK take a look at the refurbished Chromebooks available from Amazon UK or for readers in the USA you will find plenty of available refurbished Chromebooks at Amazon USA.

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Argos Refurbished Chromebooks

A well-established retailer on the UK high street who you can trust. Argos sells millions of products each year and you can get some great deals on refurbished Chromebooks.

Again, they thoroughly check to ensure the product works as new. They also come with an Argos one year guarantee should you need to return the item. Argos do not sell refurbished products on their website or in store. To buy a refurbished Chromebook from Argos, you need to visit their eBay store.

So if you are interested in buying a Chromebook but do not want to spend too much money. Why not consider buying a refurbished Chromebook. Providing you buy from a well-known retailer you should be happy with your purchase. Now go and grab yourself a bargain.