Why the Chromebook has become so popular

This is a question a lot of people have asked themselves over the last few years. Although the Chromebook was launched in 2011. They have only become really popular in the last few years. Anyone looking to buy a laptop a few years ago would have most likely considered one that uses Microsoft Windows. It’s still true today a lot of people think this is the only real choice they have. However, the Chromebook is a much better choice for a lot of people.

The reason why the Chromebook has become a lot more popular in the last few years is that they are easy to use, fast and secure. These are the three key things that make the Chromebook such a popular choice. Why buy a laptop that is difficult to use and can cause you issues when updates go wrong. When you can opt for a Chromebook, which updates automatically and doesn’t leave you with issues.

This is one of the reasons why people who are not tech-savvy choose a Chromebook over Microsoft. They are much simpler to use. This doesn’t mean the Chromebook only offers basic functionality. You can do exactly the same on a Chromebook as you can on any other type of laptop. It’s just much easier to do.


Another huge advantage that the Chromebook has over any other computer is that it’s safe. We all use the internet today to get so many things done. Whether that is casual browsing, internet banking or grocery shopping. We would be lost without it. The issue with the internet is that you can have problems if your computer gets infected with a virus.

You may be aware when your computer gets a virus. However, a lot of the time you will not even know. This is a huge risk, and without anti-virus software, you’re putting yourself at risk. The Chromebook comes with built-in virus protection. This means you don’t need to worry about buying additional anti-virus software. Also, anti-virus software packages all work differently, and none of them can always stop viruses from attacking your computer.

built-in virus protection
The Chromebook has built in virus protection

Because anti-virus software is built-in as standard on a Chromebook. It’s not possible for viruses to infect it. This is because the built-in anti-virus software is custom made to work with your Chromebook. In fact, the Chrome OS team perform regular updates to the operating system to ensure you’re kept safe when surfing online. The way the Chromebook has been designed. Even if a virus did somehow infect your computer. When you turn your Chromebook on next, it checks for any changes to Chrome OS. If any changes have been made they are wiped. This is all done instantly in the background and you will not even recognise it. There is a lot more that happens in the background to keep you safe. If you want to know more have a read of why you don’t need virus software for your Chromebook.


Another great advantage of the Chromebook is speed. Forget the days where you have to sit around for five minutes just for your computer to boot up in the morning. A Chromebook is ready to use just fifteen seconds after turning it on. That is pretty amazing when you consider how slow other laptops can be. Within 15 seconds you’ll be logged in and ready to surf the internet. There is no waiting around for the computer to catch up on itself.

The great thing about this is that it will make you want to use your laptop more. If you’ve owned a laptop that is really slow to get started. It can easily put you off turning on your laptop. The time it takes just to be in a position where you can use it can be frustrating. This is not the case with the Chromebook and is one of the great advantages over any other computer on the market.


Having a computer that is easy to use should not be underestimated. Who wants to use a laptop that can be extremely temperamental? If you’ve ever used Microsoft Windows I’m sure you’re aware of how it can work one day and be broken the next. One of the biggest reasons for this is when Microsoft updates occur. Firstly, the updates can take ages, and secondly, they can also go wrong.

This can be something pretty minor such as certain software no longer working. It can also be something even more serious, which means you can no longer use your laptop. Even if you’re pretty knowledgeable about computers. It can still be a big headache fixing these sort of issues.

Chromebook is popular with students
The Chromebook popular with students

You will never come across these types of issues with a Chromebook. The operating system has been purposely created to be easy to use. The great thing is because Chrome OS is so flexible. Even though it’s easy to use does not mean you’re limited in what you can do. You can internet surf, use social media or get on with your work such as word processing and spreadsheets. All of this can be done very easily on a Chromebook, which is not the same as other types of computers.


Another great benefit of the Chromebook is that you can use Android Apps. Nearly everyone owns a mobile phone today, and one thing we love to use is our apps. The Chromebook can install Android Apps just like you can on your phone. This means it offers more than any other laptop can offer. The ability to use Android Apps is another reason for the Chromebooks continuing popularity. Everyone loves using a phone because they are much easier than a traditional computer. The Chromebook is very similar when it comes to how easy it is to use.


If you’ve not yet made the switch to the Chromebook then you may want to consider it. They are by far the best option for most people. The three key benefits of being fast, secure and easy to use make them perfect. It’s another reason why people who have already made the switch would never consider going back to using any other type of computer.

There is plenty to choose from as well. Whether you live in the UK, USA or anywhere else in the world. You’ll find a huge selection of Chromebooks. As they become more popular many more manufacturers have started to make them. This means you’ve got a great selection to choose from, so you can get one that is just right for you. Whether you’re looking to spend a few hundred or a lot more. You’ll find the selection of Chromebooks available offer something for everyone.