Why I still love my Toshiba Chromebook 2

In 2015 I decided to upgrade from my first-ever Chromebook, which was the HP Chromebook 11. I loved my HP Chromebook 11, however, I could not resist getting my hands on the Toshiba Chromebook 2.

My first Chromebook. The HP Chromebook 11
My first every Chromebook. The HP Chromebook 11

If you remember back to 2015 it was really difficult to get the Toshiba Chromebook 2 because it was selling so well. The Chromebook was selling out both in the UK and USA and it was a constant battle trying to find a retailer who stocked it. In November 2015 I got lucky and managed to get my hands on one.


The model I went for was the HD version, which came with a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080. It also boasted an IPS panel, which provides an excellent picture compared to other panels.

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At the time it was pretty much unheard of to get a Chromebook with 4GB of RAM. Most Chromebooks back then only came with 2GB of RAM. However, I knew that by getting a Chromebook with 4GB of RAM I would be making a future proof purchase.

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Toshiba Chromebook 2 still looks great today
It still looks great today

I decided to compare it last night against my Asus C302, which I also love. I was rather surprised by some of the differences. Firstly, It had been sat in a drawer for over a year and the battery was flat. However, It was fully charged within under 30 minutes. I forgot how fast that Chromebook charged, which charges much quicker than the Asus C302.

Also, the display is much better quality than the C302. They are both HD and both come with an IPS panel but the colours are much richer on the Toshiba Chromebook 2.

It made me realise what a great shame it was that Toshiba decided to leave the Chromebook market. Toshiba has always been great at producing laptops and their displays are simply amazing.


Another thing I noticed is that my Toshiba Chromebook 2 still works today as it did when I purchased it back in 2015. This is the great thing about ChromeOS. It’s been sat in a drawer for over a year and it took a couple of minutes to upgrade to ChromeOS 75 from ChromeOS 71.

Updating to ChromeOS 75
It took a couple of minutes to update from ChromeOS 71 to 75

It does not feel as fast as the Chromebooks and Chromeboxes I use today because of the entry-level processor. However, having that 4GB of RAM still means I’ve got a Chromebook I could still comfortably use today for everyday tasks.

The only issue I could find is that it does not support Android Apps, but apart from that, everything else works perfectly fine.

It is set to receive updates until June 2020. I’ll be keeping it to see any issues I come across after the end of life policy date arrives. I’ll then be able to write about the issues I come across. Find out more about the Chromebook end of life policy.

2 thoughts on “Why I still love my Toshiba Chromebook 2”

  1. I still have my “swanky” version of this chromebook. It is like new and still works great. I was hoping it would die so I could by a new one or that it would be able to get apps. on it. I know the 2015 version is getting apps. Oh well maybe some day soon when AUE hits.

  2. I started with a swanky, broke the screen and bought the 2015 gandof version, and later got the swanky screen fixed.

    Now both run Linux Mint Mate with no problems.

    Honestly I prefer the swanky, even with the unupgradeable 2GB of RAM and 16GB ssd. The battery lasts for 10+ hours when doing light tasks–I use it for word processing, and it’s silent as it doesn’t have a fan, whereas the gandof runs hotter so it has a not-quite-silent fan and only lasts about 6 hours when doing the same tasks. Gandof’s screen is definitely better, so I do prefer it for streaming.

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