Why budget Chromebooks offer amazing battery life

One of the most important things to consider when buying a laptop is battery life. Most people who buy a laptop are looking for a computer they can use at home and on the move. The battery life you get from your laptop varies dramatically. Microsoft and Mac laptops run out of battery much quicker than a Chromebook. This means if you’re looking for excellent battery life. A Chromebook is the best choice.

The main reason why Chromebooks have a much better battery life is due to the operating system. Unlike Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, which uses a lot of processing power just to run the operating system. Chrome OS uses much less processing power because the operating system is lightweight. This is one of the reasons why you can get great performance from a Chromebook even if it offers basic processing specs.

Do all Chromebooks have a great battery life?

All Chromebooks have decent battery life when comparing what you’d get from a Microsoft or Mac laptop. That being said, not all Chromebooks are equal when it comes to how much use you can get before your laptop requires charging. Even though Chrome OS is lightweight and therefore uses a lot less battery life throughout the day. If you own a Chromebook with a powerful processor. Then this processing power will use more of your battery power than a Chromebook with a less powerful processor.

This is why it’s better to buy a Chromebook with less processing power if battery life is more important to you. This is a difficult balancing act because everyone wants great performance. However, if the higher performance reduces battery life by a couple of hours, and those extra hours are essential for you to get the most from your laptop. Then it’s better to offset performance, so you get the battery life you need.

It’s true Chromebooks come with great battery life, but this doesn’t mean all Chromebooks are equal when looking at battery life alone. I’ve used many Chromebooks that offer medium-range specs. Generally speaking, these devices offer a battery life ranging from 6 to 9 hours before running out of battery life. I’ve also used budget Chromebooks and these offer much better battery life. You’d typically get anything from 8 to 12 hours of battery life from a budget Chromebook.

How you use your Chromebook will decide how much battery life you’ll get

Although budget Chromebooks offer much better battery life. This also depends on what you use your Chromebook for. If you’re surfing the internet or writing word processing documents. You will use a lot less battery life than if you’re streaming HD movies on YouTube or Netflix. Higher-performing laptops are capable of more complex tasks. The more complex the task and processing power needed will have a huge impact on how much battery life is used to perform those tasks.

Although this is the case. If you were to use a high spec Chromebook to surf the internet or use a word processor. It would run out of battery life compared to using a budget Chromebook in the exact same way. This is because your internet surfing experience on a higher spec laptop would be much quicker than on a budget laptop. This is possible due to the higher-spec processor, which requires more battery life to operate.

Therefore, if you’re after a laptop that offers the best battery life possible. You will possibly want to buy a budget Chromebook. However, you would need to ensure any laptop you buy is capable of all the tasks you’ll be wanting to carry out. You just need to remember. Faster-performing processors will usually always mean more battery life is needed to operate. If you don’t yet own a Chromebook. Then take a look at this top ten list of Chromebooks. You’ll find both high-spec and budget Chromebooks in this list.