What is ChromeOS?

ChromeOS is the operating system that is installed on the Chromebook, Chromebox, Chromebase and ChromeOS tablets. All computers and mobile phones need an operating system for them to operate. If you did not have an operating system installed then your device would be unusable.

An operating system is a type of software that controls how your computer works and interacts with any programs or apps you may use. It also controls the hardware such as the processor and RAM, and how these are used depending on the type of apps you’re running.

Therefore, it’s a vital piece of software and is what differentiates one type of computer from another. There are many different operating systems, but some of the most popular for the computer are Microsoft Windows, macOS, ChromeOS and Linux. Mobile phones tend to run on either AndroidOS or Apple iOS.

Why does this matter

Although you may think the operating system isn’t something you need to be too concerned about. Making sure you buy a computer or phone with the correct OS is important. The OS you choose is a lot more important than whether you buy a desktop PC or laptop. This is because all operating systems work differently, so you need to choose the right OS for the tasks you’ve got in mind.

The good news is computers have gotten much easier to use today compared to how they worked twenty years ago. This is because technology has moved on a lot since then, which makes it easier for the OS to interact with the user in a more natural way.

All operating systems have different learning curves. Generally speaking, the older the OS is the harder it is to use. Linux is arguably one of the hardest to learn because you need to have a good understanding of technology.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is arguably the most well-known OS because it has been around for many years and has a large user base. It is a well-known OS for users at home and is used in most companies around the world. Therefore, if you have not used an MS computer at home, you have almost certainly used one if you work in an office.

Although Microsoft Windows has been updated to be easier to use now compared to twenty years ago. Unfortunately, the OS was designed before the internet was available to the general population, and therefore it still holds on to these roots.

If you’re not comfortable with technology and do not feel you would know how to fix errors when they occur. Microsoft Windows is possibly not a good option to choose. This is because even tech-savvy users can spend a huge amount of time fixing Microsoft Windows problems. To make it worse, MS Windows updates have the tendency to create problems rather than fix them.


The operating system created by Apple for its Mac computers. MacOS is considered more reliable and secure than Microsoft Windows. One of the reasons why people choose Apple over Microsoft is because it traditionally was a better option for video editing, photo editing and music editing.

However, over the years the gap between using an Apple computer or a Microsoft computer for these types of tasks has shortened dramatically. Therefore, it’s no longer the case that a video editor would choose Apple over a Microsoft computer.

That being said, macOS is a great operating system because all Apple products work together in harmony. The reason why this is possible is that Apple creates both its computer hardware and software. This removes the issues of compatibility issues with hardware and software that you find when using Microsoft Windows. The downside to using an Apple computer is that it can be considerably more expensive to buy than other types of computers.

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When it comes to operating systems ChromeOS is considered the new kid on the block. Unlike Mac, which was launched in 2001, and MS Windows which was launched in 1985. ChromeOS has only been around since 2011. This has huge advantages because it means it was created for the internet, which is something the majority of us use today. A totally different approach compared to MS Windows which is still struggling to move with the times.

ChromeOS was created by Google and they continue to develop and improve the OS on a regular basis. Although it’s true that you can’t do everything on ChromeOS when comparing it to macOS or MS Windows. The limitations that ChromeOS was known for when originally launched have reduced dramatically. However, it’s still the case that professional video editing, for example, is best done on MS Windows or macOS. Video editing is possible on ChromeOS and this will continually improve as we move to everything being done online. At the moment though, it’s not the best option for pro video editing.

The reason why ChromeOS is such a popular choice today is that it’s fast, secure and easy to use. It’s an internet-first operating system and it has proven Google’s vision of the future was the way forward. This is why Microsoft and other major software companies have dramatically changed to an internet-first approach. It’s also the reason why it will not matter what type of computer you use in the future, as they will all offer the same functionality.