What is Android and why was it created

There are many phones and tablets out there to choose from, which can make it really difficult to choose the right one for you. This is especially the case if you’re not confident with technology.

Not all phones and tablets use Android. For example, Apple make the iPad, which uses an operating system created by Apple. Amazon also makes tablets, however, although they are not like other Android tablets they are built using Android.

Android is an operating system created by Google. However, it’s an open-source operating system, which means anyone can use the Android operating system when designing a new tablet or phone.


It’s fair to say the mobile phone and tablet market really took off when Apple bought out swanky products that everyone wanted to own.

Although Apple products look great the operating system used is created by Apple. Apple, are not known for sharing its technology. This means nobody other than Apple could bring out new phones or tablets using their operating system.

This meant that all phone manufacturers had to create their own operating system. Sony, Samsung and Nokia to name a few all provided phones using their own operating system.

The problem with this is that if you moved from one manufacturer to another. You would have a steep learning curve understanding how to use the new device.

Google wanted an operating system that was open to all manufacturers. By doing this it gave manufacturers the choice of using an operating system they did not have to maintain themselves.


The main reason why Google created the Android operating system is that they see Apple as one of its main competitors. Apple products were selling really well because they looked great and were relatively easy to use.

Android being launched as open-source would be a direct competitor to Apple. The problem at the beginning was that manufacturers such as Samsung and Nokia were reluctant to create products specifically for Android.

The reason for this is all about control. Samsung and Nokia had already invested a lot of time into their own operating systems. This made them reluctant to change to Android.

Even though Android was open-source, it was still managed and created by Google. This put manufacturers off because they had become extremely proud of their own operating systems.


The problem with manufacturers all using their own operating system was the customer felt it was difficult to migrate from one manufacturer to the other.

If you bought an Apple phone or tablet you could easily upgrade to the latest model and be confident the operating system would be almost identical.

This was not the same if you decided to move from a Nokia phone to a Samsung device. Having to learn a brand new operating system every time you changed to a new manufacturer was not going down very well with the public.

This meant Apple sales were going through the roof while sales of Samsung and Nokia devices were falling. Samsung soon realised they had to ditch their operating system for Android.

The same cannot be said for Nokia that decided not to give in. However, this was a bad move by Nokia. By the time Nokia realised they needed to move over to Android it was too late.


Today, apart from Apple, most tablets and phones are built for the Android operating system. This means whether you buy a phone from Samsung or Sony you do not need to worry about knowing how to use it.

This makes it much easier to move from one manufacturer to the other. The fact Android is open-source means we’ve seen many new manufacturers start to use the operating system for their tablets and phones.

Although manufacturers all use Android. It isn’t the case that all Android operating systems are identical. This is because most manufacturers tweak the operating system to suit their own brand identity.

However, even though you will find slight variations depending on the phone or tablet you buy. If it is created using Android you’ll not find it too difficult to adjust. This is because most changes made by the manufacturer are cosmetic.


Since the launch of Android, it has steadily taken over Apple as the most used operating system. This is because customers can now confidently move between manufacturers without the worry of learning a new operating system.

In 2019 Android had a market share of 87% of the mobile phone market. This means it now dwarfs the number of people who buy Apple phones.

This has a lot to do with people having more of a choice. If you buy an Android phone and become comfortable with using it. You do not need to stick with the same manufacturer the next time you buy a new phone or tablet.

This choice is great for the consumer and Android will continue to be the market leader for mobile and tablets in the future.