Two new HP Chromebooks made for school and made to last

It’s always good to hear about the release of new Chromebooks. Whether they are for the consumer market or the education sector. Any Chromebook release is good to see because it shows Chrome OS is going from strength to strength. These lastest two are aimed at the education sector and have been made to last.

It appears schools have a lot of choices when it comes to buying new Chrome OS laptops. It has recently been announced that Acer is launching four new Chromebooks for schools. We now have the announcement that HP has two new offerings to tease students with.

Designed to take a battering

These two new laptops under the name of HP Fortis have been designed to take the battering students are most likely going to put them through. This is really important when you think about it. School can be very hectic moving from class to class and that’s before you’ve considered the journey to and from school.

It’s good to see HP and many other manufacturers are now ensuring all new Chromebooks can stand up to these stress tests. Chrome OS is super reliable, so it stands to sense to also ensure the hardware is the same.

They’ve managed to pass 19 different tests to get the military standard certification MIL-STD-810H. This means they can be dropped on the floor, take sudden knocks against a surface and still work afterwards. On top of that, the USB ports have been reinforced to deal with how children may take out USB connected devices on a daily basis.

The keyboard has also been designed, so it’s much harder for keys to go missing. This is great to see because a broken keyboard with keys missing isn’t going to be much help for students.

A 14-inch and 11-inch model available

It’s really important manufacturers consider all age ranges when they release new laptops for education. This is because a child at the age of ten is hardly going to find carrying around a 14-inch laptop easy.

To deal with this HP are releasing both a 14-inch and 11-inch model. This is very similar to Acer, which means schools, pupils and parents will find it much easier to get a Chromebook to suit their children.

HP Fortis 11 G9 Q

The smaller of the two comes with an unusual 11-inch display compared to the more standard 11.6-inch display. Being smaller also means it’s lighter at just over 3lbs. The processor used is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c, which is more than capable of dealing with the tasks considering who this laptop is aimed at.

The basic model will come with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. In relation to the RAM, you don’t need to worry whether this will be enough. You can still get plenty done on a Chromebook in 2022 with 4GB of RAM. Nothing has changed dramatically in the last year in relation to software to suggest anything else. Find out more about how much RAM you need for your Chromebook.

HP Fortis 11-inch Chromebook
HP Fortis 11-inch model

The storage at 32 GB is a little restricting. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll easily be able to install at least twenty to thirty Android Apps without running out of space. However, that will depend on the type of apps of course.

The Chromebook has been designed to save most of your files in the cloud. Therefore, even though 32GB isn’t great. You can still get plenty of work done. However, it would have been nice to see 64GB because you’ll feel less restricted in what you can install. A further model with 64 GB should be available in the future. If your child is intending on installing a lot of apps, then you may want to consider this larger storage option.

HP Fortis G10 14

If you’ve got slightly older children then the 14-inch model is possibly a better option. That being said, it will be a little harder to carry around. It’s also slightly heavier at 3.60lbs, so if portability is key then you’ll need to consider this.

HP Fortis 14 Chromebook for education
HP Fortis 14-inch model

The good thing about the 14-inch model is that it is available with a Full HD display. The resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 is what you’d want to see from a display of this size. It means movies in HD can be enjoyed, and the visuals overall will be crispier. It’s important to note, a 14-inch model with lower resolution is also available, so watch out for this if you’d prefer the model with Full HD.

It will be available in both 4 GB or 8 GB RAM versions and the most common storage option will be 64 GB. However, this model will also be available with 128GB of storage. This may sound a lot for a Chromebook considering you can save most files in the cloud. However, if you’re intending on using Linux Apps. You’ll soon realise the more storage the better.


It’s great to see another manufacturer has released new Chrome OS laptops for education. The education sector is an important market for Google. In fact, it’s an important market for the Chromebook full stop.

If you grow up using Chromebooks at school and college. You’re more likely to continue with this trend when you leave. Therefore, the more exposure the Chromebook gets to the younger age group. The more likely it is that Chrome OS will have a better future ahead.

This is more important than ever at the moment when you consider Microsoft has released a new operating system aimed specifically at education. I doubt for one-second Chrome OS has anything to worry about, but any competition in this sector obviously needs to be taken seriously.