Top Three Hybrid 2 in 1 Budget Chromebooks to buy in 2019

A couple of years ago we saw a change in the Chromebook market with the launch of Hybrid 2-in-1 devices. This change was essential after Android Apps became available on Chrome OS.

A Hybrid Chromebook means you can use the device like a laptop or a tablet. This is why they are also known as 2-in-1 devices. They are perfect for anyone who wants to take full advantage of Android Apps because they come with a touchscreen display.

So let’s take a look at the top three budget 2-in-1 Chromebooks to buy in 2019.


Acer R13 is the best budget Hybrid Chromebook to buy in 2019
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It may come of no surprise that the best budget hybrid to buy in 2019 is the Acer R13 CB5-312T. However, it’s also important to note it’s the most expensive device in this top three comparison. So what makes this the best budget Hybrid in 2019?


When it comes to the build quality you will not be let down. The R13 looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. This is helped by the outer shell being made of aluminium. It doesn’t look out of place either as it looks like any other ordinary laptop. This is a big bonus because budget Chromebooks, especially Hybrids, have been known to look a little toy-like.


The Acer R13 comes with 4GB of RAM, which is the maximum amount of RAM you would expect to see from a Chromebook in the budget range. This amount of memory is more than enough for daily tasks and you’ll be able to use most Android Apps without any issues.

The storage is really impressive at 64GB, which gives you plenty of room to install all your favourite Android Apps. You’ll easily be able to store files locally as well with this amount of storage without too many problems.



What makes the Acer R13 the best budget Hybrid Chromebook in 2019 is the amazing display. It comes with a 13.3-inch True HD display with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. This is really good to see from a budget Hybrid.

A resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 on a 13.3-inch display looks fantastic. Also, if that wasn’t enough it also comes with an IPS panel, which means you get great viewing angles and sharp images.

The touchscreen works perfectly and the bezels around the display are not too large. This means you end up with a 13.3-inch Hybrid in a nice compact chassis, which makes it perfect to take travelling with you.

2. LENOVO C330 Hybrid Chromebook

Lenovo C330 Hybrid Chromebook is the second best budget hybrid to buy in 2019
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In the second position is the Lenovo C330. This is a great budget Hybrid and comes in much cheaper than the Acer R13. So if you’re looking for an absolute bargain but don’t want to pay too much money, then this is definitely the Hybrid to consider.


Unlike the Acer R13 the C330 comes with an all-over plastic chassis. So it does not have the premium quality look and feel of the Acer R13. That being said, it’s still very well built and is sturdy enough to take out and about.


Where the UK gets more storage from the Acer R13 compared to the USA. Well, it’s the other way around with the Lenovo C330.

In the USA you get 64GB of storage, which is enough to install all of your favourite Android Apps. The UK version comes with 32GB of storage, which means you would need to keep on top of how many apps you install.

However, just like the Acer R13, the Micro SD slot means you can easily add extra storage at a later date without any issues.


The Acer R13 definitely looks better than the Lenovo C330 but it was the display that made it the best budget Hybrid in 2019. That does not mean the C330 display is anything to complain about though.

The C330 comes with an 11.6-inch display and you get a resolution of 1,366 by 768. So you do not get True HD from the C330. However, you need to consider the display is smaller and it would be impossible to offer True HD in such a small display at these prices.

The C330 display is still great for the money and comes with an IPS panel, so you do not need to worry about deteriorating images when viewing at an angle.


Acer spin 11 is the third best budget hybrid to buy in 2019
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In third place is the Acer Spin 11. The Acer Spin 11 has something that neither the R13 or C330 has, and that is the stylus that comes included. This is really good to see from a Hybrid Chromebook in this price range.

So even though it comes in third place it does not mean that you should not consider this Hybrid. If a stylus is important to you, then this is definitely the budget Hybrid you should be considering.


The Acer Spin 11 is a nice looking Hybrid computer. It comes with an all-over plastic body but it still manages to look a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Weighing just 1.35kg makes it the second lightest device in this comparison guide and whether you’re using it as a laptop or tablet, you’ll be happy to know it looks the part in both modes.


It comes with 4GB of RAM, which is the same amount of all of the devices being compared here. This amount of RAM on a budget device is exactly what you would expect, and you should not come across too many problems.

The storage you get with the Acer Spin 11 is 32GB. This is the same whether you buy the device in the UK or USA. You’ll be able to install most of your favourite Android Apps. However, you’ll need to keep on top of how many you’re installing, as you will soon run out of space if you install too many.

Again, it comes with a Micro SD Slot, so you can easily add extra storage at a later date.


The display size is the same as the C330 at 11.6-inches. It also comes with a resolution of 1,366 x 768. The resolution available for a display of this size works fine, and you should not get too concerned about it not offering True HD. It’s simply too much to ask for in this price range.

The huge advantage over the other two devices being compared here is the built-in Stylus. If you fancy yourself as a bit of an artist, then this is the one to get.

Unlike the C330 and R13 the Acer Spin 11 does not come with an IPS panel. This is a bit of a letdown and is the reason why it comes in third.


All of these budget Hybrid Chromebooks are a good buy. They all offer something a little different, so it depends on what you want from your Chromebook.

The Acer R13 wins because it offers a 13.3-inch display and full HD resolution and IPS panel. This makes it easily the best display on offer here. However, you do need to consider that it’s also the most expensive device being compared.

If you’re on the lookout for a budget Hybrid Chromebook then you will not go far wrong with any of these devices. They have all made it into the top three budget Hybrids in 2019 as they all have something to offer. It just comes down to what is more important to you when considering a new Chromebook to buy on a budget.