Top Ten Chromebooks in 2020

Compiling a top ten list of Chromebooks a couple of years ago was a lot different than it is today. This is because you have a lot more choice when buying a Chromebook in 2020. This is great for anyone looking at buying a Chrome OS laptop, but it can also be harder deciding what to buy.

In the last 18 months, we’ve seen Chromebooks that cost a lot of money and others being sold for half the price. This is something I’ve taken into consideration when looking at the top ten Chromebooks in 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: This list has been updated for 2022. Please visit Top Ten Chromebooks 2022.

Yes, it’s true a lot of the more expensive Chromebooks offer the best specs, but I don’t think that automatically means they are a better option. This top ten list isn’t about the best specs alone. It’s about what you get for your money.

The one thing I am happy about is the wide selection now available. So let’s take a look at the top ten Chromebooks you can buy in 2020, and what makes these Chromebook laptops special.


Pixelbook Go is the best Chromebook to buy in 2020 - top ten chromebooks in 2020
Processor: Intel M3 to Intel i7RAM: 8GB to 16GBStorage :64GB to 256GB
Display: 13.3-inch touchscreenResolution: 1920 x 1080 to 4KWeight: 2.3lbs / 1kg
Type: LaptopAspect Ratio: 16:9AUE Date: June 2026

The Google Pixelbook Go comes in as the best all-around Chromebook you can buy in 2020. It offers everything you’ll need for using Chrome OS.

The reason why Pixelbook Go is the best Chrome OS device to buy in 2020 is mainly due to design. It’s one of the lightest Chromebooks you can buy and it’s definitely one of the sexiest.

It’s made from magnesium, which is a much lighter metal than Aluminium. Most Chromebooks use aluminium, which is why the Pixelbook Go is much lighter than its rivals.

It doesn’t stop there though. The display on the Pixelbook Go is very impressive. The high-end model comes with a 4K display, and all of the models below that version comes with Full HD. This is more than enough on a display of 13.3-inches.

Its IPS panel means you get fantastic viewing angles no matter where you’re sitting. The text and images are crisp and the colours are so vibrant they jump out at you.

One thing that is really important when buying a laptop is the keyboard. The keyboard on the Pixelbook Go is without question the best. Not just when compared to other Chromebooks. It’s the best keyboard compared to any other laptop on the market.

The Pixelbook Go is named ‘Go’ for a reason. It’s the laptop to buy if you need a Chromebook to use on the move. It’s super lightweight chassis and incredibly small dimensions cannot be beaten.

If you’re after a laptop that looks sexy, performs well and offers an excellent display and keyboard. Then the Pixelbook Go is the Chromebook to buy in 2020. Also, it’s available in different specs, so you can easily find one to match your needs.


Top ten Chromebooks 2020 - Acer Spin 713 Chromebook
Processor: Intel i3 to i7RAM: 8GBStorage : 128GB
Display: 13-5 inches touchscreenResolution: 2256 x 1504Weight: 3.02lbs / 1.37kg
Type: HybridAspect Ratio: 3:2AUE Date: June 2028

In second place is the Acer Spin 713 Chromebook. This Chromebook also offers something different compared to the majority of laptops available in 2020.

It’s the direct replacement to the amazing Acer Spin 13, which saw a huge amount of sales for Acer in 2019. The Acer Spin 713 offers everything the Spin 13 offered but with updated internals and a more attractive build quality.

The first thing that differentiates this Chromebook from the others is the aspect ratio. Most Chromebooks offer a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. The Acer Spin 713 offers a 3:2 aspect ratio.

If you’ve ever used a laptop with a 3:2 aspect ratio you’ll already know how good they are. It’s a much better choice for someone who needs a laptop for productivity.

When you visit websites you’ll notice a lot of the space on either side is not used with a 16:9 display. A 3:2 aspect ratio removes this part of the display and offers more length. This means you get a lot more data on the screen.

It’s pretty lightweight as well at just 3.02 lbs / 1.37kg and the chassis is super tough. It’s so tough in fact it’s passed all the tests to make it ‘MIL-STD 810G’ compliant. This is military-grade testing, which includes being dropped from 4 foot without damage.

The display is something that makes this Chromebook stand out. You get an amazing resolution of 2,256 by 1,504 from the 13.5-inch display, which is excellent. Super crisp text and images look beautiful. As you would expect it also uses an IPS panel, so viewing at an angle does not cause any issues whatsoever.

3. HP x360 14c CHROMEBOOK

top ten chromebooks in 2020 - HP x360 14c Chromebook
Processor: Intel i3 to i5RAM: 8GBStorage : UK 128GB / USA 64GB
Display: 14-inch touchscreenResolution: 1920 x 1080Weight: 3.6lbs / 1.65kg
Type: HybridAspect Ratio: 16:9AUE Date: June 2028

The HP x 360 14c was also designed to replace an existing Chromebook. This time it replaces the much loved original HP x 360 Chromebook. It offers everything the original offered and a little bit more.

The basic model comes with an Intel i3 processor, which is more than enough for a Chromebook both now and in the future. There is an i5 version in the UK, but in the USA only the i3 is currently available.

Although I can understand some may want an i5 processor. Chrome OS works perfectly well with an i3. In fact, even a Chromebook using an Intel M3 processor works fine, so I would not get too hung up about the processing power.

The 8GB of RAM is more than enough for what you’ll be doing now and in the future. It has an improved keyboard compared to the older HP x 360, which was known for having a good keyboard, so it’s good to see they’ve improved it even further.

The processor is the tenth generation, so you’ll receive updates to the operating system for up to eight years. The fingerprint scanner is a much welcome addition and is something you’ll most likely see on more Chromebook devices in the future.

I don’t usually mention sound quality because laptops, in general, offer pretty basic sound quality. However, the HP x 360 14c Chromebook with its front-firing speakers nearly sounds as good as the Pixelbook Go.


Top ten Chromebooks in 2020 - Asus C434 Chromebook
Processor: Intel M3 to i7RAM: 4GB to 8GBStorage : 128GB
Display: 14-inch touchscreenResolution: 1920 x 1080Weight: 3.1lbs / 1.45kg
Type: HybridAspect Ratio: 16:9AUE Date: June 2026

The Asus C434 is not the latest Chromebook from Asus. However, it’s the best laptop when considering value for money. That isn’t to say this is a budget Chromebook, but it offers much better value than the highly-priced Asus C436.

The C434 had a lot to live up to when originally launched because it was the direct replacement for the Asus C302 Chromebook. Before we saw a surge in new Chromebooks to the market the C302 was one of the best you could buy. Luckily, the Asus C434 did not let its predecessor down.

It’s available with an Intel M3 processor, which can handle everything you’ll do on a Chromebook. Whether its internet surfing, streaming HD movies or using Android apps. You’ll have no problem with the processing power. It’s also available with higher spec processors if you shop around.

For the price, you’re getting a great Chromebook. The display is fantastic and offers Full HD. It comes with 4GB of RAM, which is a tad limited, so if you can get your hands on the 8GB version I’d go for that instead.

The storage at 128GB is more than enough. Even if you’re intending to install plenty of Android apps you should not come across a problem with the amount of storage on offer here.

It’s a great-looking laptop with super-slim bezels around the display. It’s nice and compact considering the 14-inch display and the IPS panel provides great viewing angles.


Top ten Chromebooks in 2020 - Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook
Processor: Intel i3 to i5RAM: 4GB to 8GBStorage : 128GB
Display: 13.3-inch touchscreenResolution: 1920 x 1080Weight: 2.97lbs / 1.35kg
Type: HybridAspect Ratio: 16:9AUE Date: June 2028

The Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook is one of the reasons we should be happy Lenovo now makes Chromebooks. They’ve launched a few in the last year, and the Flex 5 is just great.

It’s a laptop that offers everything you’ll need from Chrome OS at a price that is sitting right between budget and mid-range Chromebooks. This is why the Lenovo Flex 5 is a great buy. You get a lot for your money.

It does not have the same looks as you get from some of the higher-priced mid-range devices. However, it still looks absolutely fine and if all you’re after is a laptop at a decent price then this is for you.

It’s not a budget Chromebook when it comes to specs, which is the main thing. It’s available with an Intel i3 and i5 version. Both of these processors will perform perfectly well no matter what you’re intending on doing with your Chromebook.

The i3 version offers 4GB of RAM, which is a little on the small side. However, you can still do most things with 4GB of RAM without any issues. If you do need more RAM then the i5 version is available with 8GB.

The display offers full HD of 1920 by 1080 and the IPS panel means you get great viewing angles. The keyboard also offers great feedback, so you’ll easily be able to type on this all day if that is what you need.


Top ten Chromebooks in 2020 - Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook
Processor: MediaTekRAM: 4GBStorage : 64GB to 128GB
Display: 10.1-inch touchscreenResolution: 1920 x 1080Tablet weight: 0.99lbs / 0.50kg
Type: Chrome OS tabletAspect Ratio: 16:9AUE Date: June 2028

The Lenovo Ideapad Duet Chromebook is a difficult one. It’s the first serious Chrome OS tablet to be launched since the amazing Pixel Slate. I am really excited about what we’ll see from Chrome OS tablets in the future, and this model has definitely been getting the attention it deserves.

The problem I have is I’ve not been able to get my hands on one of these in the UK. I’ve even visited all the retailers in the City where I live and it’s not even been on display. This means I’ve not been able to even touch this device to get a feel of the build and keyboard quality. So you’ll not find a review on this site, but you can read a review from Chrome Unboxed.

It’s easier to get your hands on this device in the USA, but in the UK you’ll struggle. Whether this is because it’s selling out quickly or there is a supply issue I’m unsure. Personally, I think it’s a bit of both.

From the reviews I’ve read elsewhere, this appears to be a pretty decent attempt at a Chrome OS tablet. It’s seriously cheap and the keyboard attaches to the main unit very nicely.

It’s a much better 2-in-1 alternative compared to a Hybrid Chromebook. Just like the Google Pixel Slate. You can detach the keyboard completely to use it as a tablet. So you’re truly getting a 2-in-1 experience.

What I’d like to see is how it is to type on this device. Reviews I’ve read suggests it’s ok, but it’s difficult to judge without testing it out for myself. However, If you’re after a Chrome OS tablet that can be used as a Chromebook. This is going to be a good choice if you can get your hands on one.


Top ten Chromebooks in 2020 - Acer 314 Chromebook
Processor: Intel CeleronRAM: 4GBStorage : 32GB to 64GB
Display: 14-inch touchscreen and none touchscreen availableResolution: 1920 x 1080Weight: 3.75lbs / 1.7kg
Type: LaptopAspect Ratio: 16:9AUE Date: June 2026

A top ten list of Chromebooks would not be complete without some budget laptops. One of the reasons why the Chromebook was originally successful was due to how cheap the laptops were.

Things have changed a lot since then and there is a huge selection of non-budget Chromebooks to buy. However, there are still some great budget laptops being launched.

When you’re thinking of buying a budget laptop there is always compromises you need to make. Well, not with the Acer 314 CB314. For the price, you’re getting your hands on one great laptop.

One thing to note though is there are two versions available. A non-touchscreen, which is the most widely available with 32GB storage. If you’re looking to use Android apps this is going to be a problem. Therefore, ensure you buy the touchscreen version, which also comes with double the storage space.

The processor is an Intel Celeron, which is what you’d expect to see on a budget Chromebook. Do not be put off by that though because you’ll still be able to do most things. You can even play PC games on a budget Chromebook with no problems whatsoever.

The display is fantastic on the Acer 314 Chromebook. You’re getting a 14-inch Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Also, it uses an IPS panel so viewing the display at an angle isn’t a problem.

What normally lets budget laptops down is the display. It’s one of the reasons I tend to avoid them. However, just like the Toshiba Chromebook 2 from back in the day. The Acer 314 offers a perfect display for the price. In fact, it’s working with the same specs as mid-range devices.

The 4GB of RAM is all you need with an Intel Celeron processor and this Chromebook comes with all the connectivity ports you could ever need. If you’re after a laptop without spending a fortune. Then this is the one for you.

8. HP x360 12b CHROMEBOOK

Top Ten Chromebooks in 2020 - HP x 360 12b Chromebook
Processor: Intel CeleronRAM: 4GBStorage : 64GB
Display: 12-inch touchscreenResolution: 1366 x 912Weight: 2.9lbs / 1.32kg
Type: HybridAspect Ratio: 3:2AUE Date: June 2026

Keeping on the budget theme the Chromebook that makes the number eight position is the HP x360 12b Chromebook. If you’re after a portable laptop but don’t want to pay for a Pixelbook Go, then this is a perfect choice.

It comes with a 12-inch display and is a Hybrid design. So you can use it as a laptop or tablet and is perfect for travelling. It weighs a little more than the Pixelbook Go at 2.9lbs/1.32kg but it’s still light enough to carry around with you.

What makes it a little unusual, which you might be able to tell from the picture is the aspect ratio. As far as I can remember this is the first 12-inch budget Chromebook to come with a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Another unusual spec is the resolution. Usually, on a display this small you’d get standard non-HD at 1,366 by 768. However, the resolution on offer here is higher at 1,366 by 912.

When you think about it this makes perfect sense. First of all, 12-inch displays can limit what you see on the screen. This is fixed though by the 3:2 aspect ratio. Also, the extra resolution works perfectly with the 3:2 aspect ratio offered.

On top of that, it comes with an IPS panel, so viewing angles are great. Not something you see much when buying any budget Chromebook at 14-inches. To get all this from a 12-inch budget laptop is truly remarkable.

If I was buying a small laptop to use on the move and did not have the budget for a Google Pixelbook Go. Then this would be the Chromebook I’d choose.

It looks sexy and the 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage is perfect for the price and processor used. This is a very good 12-inch budget Chromebook.


Top Ten Chromebooks in 2020 - Asus C436 Chromebook
Processor: Intel i3 to i7RAM: 8GBStorage : 128GB to 256GB
Display: 14-inch touchscreenResolution: 1920 x 1080Weight: 2.4lbs / 1.1kg
Type: HybridAspect Ratio: 16:9AUE Date: June 2028

So we’ve gone from two great budget Chromebooks in position seven and eight to a high-spec one in position nine. So you might be thinking about how I can possibly put the Asus C436 at this position?

Well, first of all in relation to the device itself. The Asus C436 Chromebook is a fantastic laptop. It weighs much less than the Asus C434 and offers a newer generation processor.

The Intel i5 version offers excellent performance and the 8GB of RAM is excellent to see. I’m also happy with the 128GB of storage on the basic model, which doubles up to 256GB on the i5 and above.

There is no doubt about it the Asus C436 Chromebook is a seriously good laptop. It also has the look and feel of a premium laptop. The display offers really slim bezels, which is nice to see.

The problem I have is the price. It’s incredibly expensive for what you get. The display does not offer anything different in terms of spec. It’s a full HD 1,920 by 1,080 and offers an IPS panel.

I’d expect more at this price though. Don’t get me wrong it’s a difficult juggling act because the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook offered a great display at the cost of battery life. So it’s very easy to get it wrong.

The issue is the Acer Spin 713 offers a lot more and it costs less. It has a much better display and resolution. I just don’t see what Asus was thinking when bringing out the Asus C436.

It’s great and is why it is in the top ten Chromebooks in 2020, but it does not deserve a higher position than it has at number nine. That’s purely down to the price and what it offers.


Processor: Intel M3 to i7RAM: 8GB to 16GBStorage : 64GB to 256GB
Display: 12.3-inch touchscreenResolution: 3000 x 2000Weight: 1.6lbs / 0.72kg
Type: Chrome OS tabletAspect Ratio: 3:2AUE Date: June 2026

So the Google Pixel slate makes it at position number 10 for the best Chromebook to buy in 2020. You may think this is a really odd choice. However, there is a reason why I’ve chosen the slate.

Firstly, it’s important to recognise Google no longer creates the Slate. Personally, I think this was a really bad move because all the bad press around it was due to Chrome OS not being ready for it.

Yes, when it was launched, it was expensive, but it has dropped in price dramatically since then. Also, all of the Chrome OS issues around tablets has been dealt with.

Although it’s not an easy device to get your hands on. If you can then I’d definitely consider it. It will receive Chrome OS updates until 2026, and it beats any of the Chromebooks in this list when it comes to the display quality.

I’ve had my pixel slate for a few months now. I still find myself at times just staring at the picture on the desktop. Just admiring how beautiful the display really is.

This is thanks to the molecular display technology and a whopping resolution of 3,000 by 2,000. All of this on a display just measuring 12.3-inches and an aspect ratio of 3:2. It’s simply stunning and that also goes for the design of this tablet.


So there we are. This is my top ten Chromebooks to buy in 2020. I hope you’ve learned a lot about what is currently available, and I’ve helped you choose the right Chromebook for your needs.

I accept not everyone will possibly agree with my top ten list. However, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article. I’ve not just looked at the specs. I’ve chosen the Chromebooks I believe offer the best specs but recognising the price at the same time.

As we see more Chromebooks launch it will be vital to ensure you do your homework. It’s all too easy just to look at the one which offers the best specs and assume that will be the best.

To get a great Chromebook it’s also about not paying more than you need to. If you’d like to see how things have changed since last year. Take a look at the top ten Chromebooks in 2019.