A number of Pixel 4 XL batteries are cracking the back of the phone

When you buy a phone from a manufacturer like Google you do not expect to have hardware issues. However, it appears some users of the Pixel 4 XL have reported a problem with the back glass panel peeling off or even cracking.

It’s not all Pixel 4 XL phones, which suggests certain tasks that some people perform on their phones is causing the issue. The problem is this sort of thing should not be happening when you’re buying a flagship phone.

Google is not the first to have problems with their batteries though. Everyone will remember the infamous Samsung phone that started to explode on flights. That was a disastrous time for Samsung and killed the phone in question.

So why are manufacturers failing to test their products before they are being released to the public? I’m sure all phones are rigorously tested, but trying to put a phone through every single condition may be a lot trickier than it sounds.

Everyone uses their phone differently. The fact it’s only a number of Pixel 4 XL phones that have been impacted. Would either suggest there was a faulty batch or it’s how the phone is being used.


A number of customers have reported that the back of their Pixel 4 XL phone has cracked or started to peel at the ends. The most likely reason for this, and has been suggested by many who have been impacted is the battery.

For some reason the battery in the Pixel 4 XL is swelling, which is causing the back of the phone, which is made out of glass to crack and peel away from the rest of the body.

Apparently Google is aware of the problem and reports it’s a small number of phones that have been impacted.


The question is whether manufacturers should be doing more to stop these issues. It’s usually always surrounding the battery where you hear the worst news about mobile phones.

It’s a difficult thing to completely overcome because as I’ve already mentioned trying to recreate every scenario is, of course, a difficult task. However, it’s clear that phone manufacturers need to do more.

This is another embarrassing situation for the Pixel and Google. The Pixel line was originally created to offer the best you can buy. However, with the recent issue with the Pixel 4 XL battery and other issues surrounding the Pixel 3 display. Are we in a place where we cannot be confident about any phone we buy?

I doubt this will be the last news story we hear about phones and issues surrounding the battery. Perhaps, we just need to accept that certain things are simply part of buying into the technology we use today.

After all, if companies the size of Google and Samsung have difficulties. I’m sure we can confidently say all manufacturers are having issues with how batteries perform in the real world. Want to know more? read the original article from Android Authority.