The new HP All-in-one Chromebase looks amazing

When you’re considering buying a Chrome OS computer most people think about the Chromebook. However, the Chromebox is also a popular choice for anyone who wants a desktop computer. A less known device is the Chromebase, which offers everything you need in one unit.

A few years ago the Chromebase wasn’t a very attractive choice because they looked very cheap. This changed when Acer released a very decent looking Acer Chromebase. Apart from that model, we haven’t really seen other manufacturers venture into this market. This has changed though with the super cool looking Chromebase from HP.

It’s the first Chromebase to look so cool that it wouldn’t look out of place in a swanky marketing office. You instantly think about the Apple Mac because it doesn’t look much different, and it’s definitely a computer designed to make you go wow. I’m really happy to see HP enter the Chromebase market because they are the perfect choice for an office setup.

The new HP Chromebase

The fact HP has released a Chromebase shows the increasing popularity of Chrome OS computers. I’d expect to see even more of these from other manufacturers in the future as Chrome OS continues to grow in market share. This is without question the best looking Chromebase released to date. It’s available for the consumer market, so if you’re looking for a desktop Chrome OS all-in-one computer then this may be the one for you.

The display offers 21.5-inches, which is a great size for marketing departments or for anyone who likes a larger display. Excellent for spreadsheet work and for playing the latest PC games using Nvidia Ge-Force now or Stadia. It comes with an IPS panel, which means you’ll get great viewing angles and images and colours look a whole lot nicer on an IPS panel. The resolution offered is Full HD at 1,920 by 1,080. It’s also good to see the display offers a touchscreen, which makes it great for Android apps.

The display can be used in either landscape or portrait

One of the best features and is the first time I’ve seen this with a Chromebase is the display. You can rotate the screen, so you can use it either in landscape or portrait mode. This is an excellent idea because both have huge advantages depending on the type of software you’re using. This is a really neat feature and is what gives this new HP Chromebase the wow factor.

HP Chromebase
Image credit – HP

If you were using a spreadsheet then it would be great in landscape mode. However, if you write documents the portrait mode would be really useful. You’d be able to get a lot more text showing on the display. This offers true flexibility for offices that need computers for design work and creating documents. If you love reading the news or use digital magazines the portrait mode is going to completely change how you view these.

HP Chromebase performance

At the moment there is only one configuration available. They’ve opted for an Intel Pentium 6405U processor, which is more than enough processing power for Chrome OS. The great thing is you can upgrade the storage and RAM at a later date. This is made possible because the RAM and storage can be removed and swapped to give you more RAM or storage at a later date.

This is a great move because the only downfall to an all-in-one computer is you need to replace everything when you need more processing power. It’s not the same as a Chromebox where you have a separate display that you don’t need to replace when upgrading to a different Chromebox. Being able to upgrade the RAM and storage should mean you can keep the Chromebase for a longer period of time without worrying about performance issues.

HP Chromebase
Image Credit – HP

When it comes to RAM and storage there will be different configurations available. Starting at 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Other configurations will be available ranging up to 16GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. I’d expect to see a popular choice being 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. The exact configurations are not yet known, but it’s good to see you’ll have plenty of options. Find out more about how much RAM you need for your Chrome OS computer.

Mouse and Keyboard

The HP Chromebase comes with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Again, when you look at these you instantly get the cool look you would expect from an Apple keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is nice and compact and it compliments the base perfectly.

You don’t need to stick with the keyboard. If you’d prefer to have the extra numerical pad you get with larger keyboards. You can easily attach any Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and they will work perfectly. Personally speaking, I’d stick to what they offer because they do look great and take up very little room on your desk.

Price and availability

At the moment it appears the HP Chromebase will initially launch in the USA with a price tag of $549.99. Hopefully, it will become available in the UK at a later date, as I can really see this computer taking off. Not just in the home. It would most likely be a really popular choice in offices that like to look cool and schools where they want to offer a larger display for certain subjects.

It will be available in August from the HP website and will be available later from retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. I’m really excited about this Chrome OS computer. I generally feel this is just the start of the type of Chrome OS computers we’ll see in the future.