The New Asus Chromebox 5 will double as a wireless phone charger

The new Asus Chromebox 5 revealed recently at CES not only looks great but will double as a wireless phone charger. I don’t know about you but that is an ingenious idea from Asus. If you own a Chromebox you most likely have a desktop setup in your home or office. After all, a Chromebox is a ChromeOS desktop PC.

I always try to keep my desk clutter-free and ideally it would be the home for my Chromebox, two monitors, and my wireless mouse and keyboard. However, that never appears to be the case, and the biggest thing that makes my desk look a mess is the wires. I detest the number of wires I have on my desk, so I regularly try to clear them up, but it doesn’t last for long.

Before you know it you’ve got wires everywhere, which are usually needed to charge things like your mobile phone, Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones. Therefore, I’m always looking for ways to minimise the number of wires needed at my desk.

Asus Chromebox 5 15W wireless phone charger

I love the Chromebox and I’ve been using my Chromebox 3 for a few years now. They are ChromeOS desktop PCs, which take up very little space compared to other desktop computers. Find out more about whether a Chromebook or Chromebox is the right choice for you.

Asus Chromebox 5 wireless charging a mobile phone
A phone being charged on the Asus Chromebox 5

The new Asus Chromebox 5 not only looks great. You can also put a phone or headphone buds on top of the device and get instant wireless charging. This is a great way to utilise your space and it means no more hunting for your phone charger. Also, it should stop you from having to worry about your phone running low on power because it will be really easy to get into the habit of placing your phone on top of your Chromebox.

Neat new features like this are what separate computers from each other, and I’m sure the Asus Chromebox 5 will be on everyone’s shopping list. The Asus 5 Chromebox also looks a lot slicker than my current Asus 3 Chromebox, so it’s good to see Asus has spent some time on aesthetics.

Always opt for a more powerful computer when buying a Desktop PC

Of course, it’s great that it comes with 15w wireless charging for your phone. However, I’m sure the internal specs used are more important. When it comes to ChromeOS computers I’ve always said you don’t necessarily need a lot of processing power. This has changed a lot over time with the launch of Steam Linux Beta, but it’s still true a Chromebook with a basic processor can still do most tasks without any issues.

Asus Chromebox 5

I have a totally different opinion when it comes to buying a Chromebox. After all, this isn’t something you’re going to have sitting on your lap. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter if the fans let off some heat and noise. When it comes to buying a desktop PC the more power the better as far as I’m concerned, and this is just the same when buying a Chromebox.

Asus Chromebox 5 specs

The Asus Chromebox 5 with its curved edges looks the part. It’s definitely been aimed at the consumer market, and the more people making the switch from Apple and Windows to ChromeOS will appreciate the different ChromeOS devices available.

It comes with a twelfth-generation Intel Alder lake processor, which will ensure you’re getting a top-performing desktop PC. On top of this, you’ll get upgradable RAM and storage options adding to the versatility of this new device from Asus.

Asus Chromebox 5 with curved edges
Asus Chromebox 5 looks super cool

As you’d expect from a Chromebox. There are plenty of ports available, which I see as being vital when choosing your next desktop PC. These include 4 USB-A ports, a DisplayPort, and more than one HDMI out port, which will make it really easy to add more than one display. Find out more about the specs available on the latest Asus Chromebox 5.

The Chromebox is here to stay

A few years ago I was a little concerned with the offerings when it came to buying a Chromebox. I felt the only ChromeOS device that was getting attention from manufacturers was the Chromebook. I love Chromebooks, and regularly use my PixelBook Go and Asus CX5 for different tasks. That being said, I definitely use my Chromebox more.

It was really difficult to find a Chromebox that performed well and also looked the part a few years ago. I was concerned this would put people off buying a ChromeOS computer if they wanted a desktop PC rather than a laptop.

Therefore, I’m really happy to see in the last few years manufacturers have stood up and started paying attention to different ChromeOS device types. This latest addition to the Chromebox product list shows they are here to stay, and I couldn’t be happier knowing I’ll have some good devices to choose from when I next start looking at upgrading my current Chromebox.