The issue with buying unbranded cheap Android tablets

The great thing about Android is that it’s open-source. This has helped it become the most used operating system for mobiles and tablets around the world.

This is great for the consumer because it means manufacturers do not need to pass on any cost for the operating system. However, this also means there are plenty of manufacturers out there bringing new tablets and phones to market.

This may sound like good news, but if you don’t do your homework right. You may just regret buying a tablet from an unrecognised brand.


When it comes to tablets there are a lot more unbranded devices compared to the mobile phone market. Just take a look in your local catalogue or online store and there are hundreds of them.

The attraction to these devices in most cases is that they are much cheaper than branded tablets. We all like to get a bargain when buying new devices. However, is this going to cause you problems at a later stage?

Samsung is a well known brand
Samsung make great Android tablets

We all attach ourselves to brands and there is usually a reason for that. It could be that we recognise that brand more than others or we like how their products look. Whatever the reason, we are generally attracted to certain brands over others.

The reason for this is also down to quality. If you’ve bought a Samsung tablet previously and it was good quality. Then you feel safe to buy another tablet from Samsung assuming the quality will be the same.


Although you may be attracted by the price of unbranded tablets. You should consider whether buying a cheap tablet will cost you more in the long run.

Brands such as Google, Samsung, LG and Sony spend millions on product research. They also spend millions on building their brand. This means it’s very unlikely they would release a tablet that was inferior.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying these big brands do not sometimes make mistakes and bring out products that are not that good. However, this is usually because other big brands bring out a tablet that offers more.

Unbranded tablets are just that. The manufacturer does not have a reputation to protect. These brands spend as little as possible on brand awareness, so the risk of offering inferior products is not a major issue for them.

Although there will be brands you’ve never heard of who may be the next big thing. There will also be brands who are just out to get a piece of the market share.


In the majority of cases, you’ll find unbranded tablets offer much less than branded devices. Whether this is the build quality or display. The well-known manufacturers spend millions on this. Where the unbranded manufacturers will spend far less.

I’m sure there are unbranded Android tablets out there that do offer a decent build quality and screen. There will be many more who don’t. So you need to consider is it really worth saving money if the product you end up with is inferior in many cases?


Because the Android operating system is open-source. It means anyone who owns a manufacturing plant can start creating tablets. They are also under no obligation to use the latest Android operating system.

It’s not essential to only buy a tablet using the latest Android version. However, it is essential to ensure the version is not so old that it will no longer receive important security patch updates.

In a recent study, it was found over one billion Android devices are at risk of hacking. This is because the devices are using an Android version that is no longer supported.

So it’s really important to check the Android version that the tablet uses before making any purchase. As of today, any device using Android marshmallow is at risk. So you should ensure the device at least uses Android 7.0, which is the next operating system up from marshmallow.

If you do buy a device using Android 7.0. You also need to be prepared that the device will not be safe for much longer. This is only one operating system up from marshmallow, which is no longer getting security updates. You’d be much safer if you only look for Android devices using version 8 (Oreo) or above.


There is absolutely nothing wrong in buying a none branded tablet. Providing you’re confident that the manufacturer offers a good quality product. Always do your homework first.

Generally speaking, you’ll find tablets provided by well-known brands offer a much better device. Also, tablets even from well-known brands can be picked up at really good prices.

So is it really worth taking the risk of buying a tablet from a brand you’ve never heard of? If you still think it is, just make sure you do your research first.