The Essential Chromebook Product List

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The Essential Chromebook Product List is your one stop resource to find out what you need to know about all Chrome OS Computers. Over time, this list will include all of the Chromebooks ever made. New Chromebooks will be added to this list.

You’ll find out information about the general specs and whether the Chromebook is right for you. Broken down by manufacturer type you’ll easily be able to find the Chromebook you’re looking for. A further product page will be available for each Chromebook. This is where you’ll be able to find more resources, reviews from around the web and where you can buy each Chromebook.


There are many manufacturers to choose from when buying a Chromebook. Below you’ll find the most popular manufacturers that sell Chromebooks both in the UK and USA.


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  1. This is only a sampling of the Chromebooks ever made. You only list 1 made by Google. I’ve had at least 4, including the one you have lised. Good luck on your compilation.

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