The Chromebook is to get a trash folder

At the moment if you delete files you have stored locally on your Chromebook you have no way of getting them back in an emergency. This is a problem if you save important files locally because if you make a mistake by deleting the wrong file you’ve lost all your hard work.

Chrome OS will soon get a trash folder, which means when you delete a file locally. Instead of the file being deleted forever it will be moved to a trash folder.

Anyone reading this who don’t use a Chromebook may think it’s crazy a trash folder does not already exist. This is fair enough because all other computer operating systems have some sort of trash facility.

So it’s good news to see we’ll soon see a trash folder for the Chromebook. However, I think there is an important reason why Chrome OS has not yet had a trash folder.


I’ve mentioned on so many occasions the importance of saving your files in the cloud. Saving your files locally is risky, which I found out the hard way recently. Yes, I lost a lot of files recently due to saving files locally on my Chromebook.

In the article I have linked to above you’ll see the issues you may come across when saving files locally. So if you’re reading this please try and get into the habit of saving files in the cloud.

Saving files in the cloud on a Chromebook is really easy. There are no extra steps you need to follow. The Chromebook and the Google Account you use to login comes with 15GB of Google Drive for free. Chrome OS is integrated with Google Drive, so saving files in the cloud is exactly the same as saving them locally.

Although it’s really easy to save files in the cloud. It’s most likely to do with getting into the habit of saving files locally we struggle to get away from. Saving your files in the cloud needs a change in habit, which can always be hard to break.

This is most likely the reason why Chrome OS does not yet have a trash folder. It’s to make you realise having files stored locally is purely a temporary measure. So although having a trash folder is good to see. There is a possibility it will encourage people to store more files locally.


So I hope you realise storing files locally should be avoided as much as possible. However, if you do store files locally and delete files regularly. You’ll need to get used to the extra step of deleting your Trash folder on a regular basis.

If you leave your trash folder to pile up with files you no longer need. You’ll soon be in a situation where you could possibly run out of storage space on your Chromebook.

It’s taken over ten years for Chrome OS to get a trash folder. I just hope it does not encourage more people to start saving locally. We need to get into the habit of saving our files in the cloud.

So I’ve got a mixed opinion about this new option. In a way it’s great we’ll have a trash folder. I just worry it will encourage people to continue saving files locally, which is very risky if your files are important to you.