The amazing Asus Chromebook Flip CX5 Black Friday deal in the UK

Asus is well known for making some of the best Chromebooks you can get your hands on. One of their latest models the Asus CX5 sticks to that trend. What I love about this laptop is that they’ve gone for a different colour scheme. Rather than the good old trusted silver aluminium. They’ve gone for a striking white on the outside and black on the inside. The colour contrast simply looks amazing.

At the moment you can get your hands on the Asus CX5 from Amazon at an amazing price. It’s part of their Black Friday deal, so it ends in seven days from the date of this article. Its recommended RRP is £749.99 and it’s currently available at a massively discounted price.

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The Asus CX5 has amazing performance

The Asus CX5 uses the latest eleventh-generation processor. This particular model comes with an Intel i5 processor. This processor is super fast and it means anything you can imagine doing on Chrome OS will work at amazing speeds.

It’s a quad-core processor with a base speed of 2.4 GHz and a whopping Turbo speed of 4.20 GHz. On top of that, it comes with an 8MB cache. That is a huge amount of cache, which is really important because it helps to make regular processes perform much faster.

The Asus CX5 outer white casing and black inside colour contrast
I love the colour contrast you get from the Asus CX5

Whether you’re looking for a Chromebook for productivity, playing advanced Android App games or using Linux Apps. This laptop will perform all of these tasks without any issues whatsoever. In fact, at the moment you could argue it’s too powerful for Chrome OS. However, as Chrome OS advances in the future. You’ll know you’ve got a Chromebook that will be able to cope.

RAM & Storage

It comes with 8 GB of RAM, which is more than enough. A Chromebook works really well with 4GB of RAM. Having double that amount will mean you’ll have no limitations. It also means you’ll own a laptop that is future proof.

The storage is really impressive. Not only is it huge at 256GB, which is a massive amount of storage for a Chromebook. Asus has also opted for SSD storage rather than the cheaper eMMC storage. Both types are chip-based and work pretty quick. However, SSD is more reliable and works great when working with large files.

If you think about gaming locally in the future. A huge thing that impacts performance is the speed of your hard disk. Advanced games will not work too great with eMMC. However, you’ll notice they perform far much better if your laptop uses SSD storage. This is something not to overlook.

Asus CX5 display

When it comes to the display they’ve oped for a display size of 15.6-inches. This is pretty large for a laptop, but it does mean it’s perfect for the gamer. After all, playing games is much better when playing on a larger display.

The resolution used, which is Full HD of 1,920 by 1,080 is all you need from a laptop. This on top of the IPS panel means you’ll get great viewing angles and rich vibrant true to life colours.

Asus CX5 Hybrid
Asus CX5 Hybrid Chromebook

It’s also a Hybrid 2-in-1, which means you can use it as a laptop or a tablet. A great benefit of this is that it comes with a touchscreen. Perfect for anyone who likes to use Android Apps.


If you’re looking for a Chromebook and you want something a little special. Then this is definitely one you should be looking at. Even at the RRP price, it’s a good deal when you consider the processor and storage type used.

The current Black Friday deal makes this an amazing choice. Chrome OS is well known for being lightweight. The benefit of this is that Chromebooks work even with low performing processors. That being said, to get the most out of Chrome OS you can’t go wrong with spending a little more money and choosing a decent performing processor.

The SSD storage used also means you’ll get great gaming from this device. If it isn’t for you. Then take a look at these Top Ten Chromebooks. I’m sure you’ll find one that interests you.