Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Specification review

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 spec review

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 was released following the battery issues around the original Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. Although the original is a great laptop because it had such high specs. The battery did not last as long as some would have hoped. The Galaxy Chromebook 2 was released to fix that. To do this Samsung … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Specification Review

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook spec review

When it comes to premium Chromebooks you can’t get a much better-looking than the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. It’s an absolutely stunning looking laptop and everyone will be envious of you in your local coffee shop. If you live in the UK there is some bad news, as this Chromebook is only available in the USA. … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go is no PixelBook Go

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook go is no Pixelbook Go

The Google PixelBook Go has been a great success, which is no surprise when you consider the excellent build quality and performance. It has what some may consider flaws, which is not offering a Hybrid design and no Micro SD slot. Put that to one side though and the PixelBook Go is still the laptop … Read more