Chromebook Comparison – Asus C434 Chromebook Vs Google Pixelbook Go

Asus C434 vs Pixelbook Go Chromebook comparison

Over the last year, we’ve seen Asus launch three new Chromebooks to market. It’s been great for us because it gives us more choices when looking to buy a new Chromebook. Well, the choice has just got a little harder. If you’re looking for a high spec Chromebook at a relatively decent price. The question … Read more

Google to launch new Pixelbook in 2019

News that Google will be launching a new Chromebook in 2019, the Pixelbook 2

It was in 2017 that Google launched the Pixelbook Chromebook to the world. At the time it was much needed because the Chromebook market had gone a little flat. So the news that Google is going to launch a new Chromebook at its Made by Google event in October is rather exciting. At first, it … Read more

Google Pixelbook has set the new standard for Chromebooks

Google Pixelbook changed the Chromebook for the better

It’s hard to believe the Google Pixelbook was only launched in October 2017. Before the launch of the Pixelbook the Chromebook market had gone flat. However, the launch of the Pixelbook set the new standard and since then we’ve seen some pretty decent Chromebooks come onto the scene. Before the launch of the Pixelbook, we … Read more