Get the 16GB Pixelbook Go this black Friday in the UK for just £799

Get a 16GB Pixelbook Go from the Google Store for £799 this Black Friday

One of the best Chromebooks to be released in the last couple of years is the Google Pixelbook Go. This laptop has everything I like when looking for a new Chromebook. Firstly, it’s well built and looks stunning. Secondly, it’s extremely compact and lightweight, which makes it perfect for when traveling. I’ve owned a few … Read more

Pixelbook Go selling like hot cakes in the UK and USA

Pixelbook Go selling like hot cakes in UK and USA

The Pixelbook Go has been selling so successfully in the UK and USA that you’ll find it difficult to find one to buy. This can be extremely frustrating if you’ve decided the Pixelbook Go is a must for you. However, it also shows just how popular the Chromebook has become. This is really good to … Read more

Chromebook comparison – Pixelbook Go vs Acer Spin 13 Chromebook

Chromebook Comparison - Pixelbook Go Vs Acer Spin 13 Chromebook

The launch of the Pixelbook Go, which is the latest Google Chromebook. Has given everyone the opportunity to own a Chromebook made by Google at a fraction of the price of previous models. This means more people are considering a PixelBook Go over other Chromebook models. This makes sense because the Pixelbook Go is a … Read more

Chromebook Comparison – Pixelbook Go vs HP x 360 Chromebook

Chromebook Comparison - The Pixelbook Go vs HP x 360 Chromebook

The launch of the Pixelbook Go has certainly got everyone talking about the latest Chromebook on the block. The Pixelbook Go by Google is perfectly designed and well built, but how does it stack up against the much loved HP x 360 Chromebook? The HP x 360 Chromebook was one of the first Chromebooks to … Read more

Chromebook Comparison – Asus C434 Chromebook Vs Google Pixelbook Go

Asus C434 vs Pixelbook Go Chromebook comparison

Over the last year, we’ve seen Asus launch three new Chromebooks to market. It’s been great for us because it gives us more choices when looking to buy a new Chromebook. Well, the choice has just got a little harder. If you’re looking for a high spec Chromebook at a relatively decent price. The question … Read more