Image editing

A better image editor for your Chromebook and it is free to use

A free image editor for the Chromebook and how to use it

The built-in ChromeOS image editor is great if you don’t need to do much editing of your images. After all, it’s free to use and comes as standard on all Chromebooks. It’s also been improved and will continually be improved by the ChromeOS team. That being said, it’s pretty limited, so you may need more … Read more

How to create and edit images using Google Slides on your Chromebook

Create and edit images on your Chromebook using google slides

When you think about editing images you most likely assume you need some image editing software. The great thing about technology is you’ll always find workarounds, which work fine. You get the default image editor available on your Chromebook. This is great if you want to resize, rotate or crop your images. If you want … Read more

How to use the new Chromebook image editor

When it comes to editing images on the Chromebook. You don’t need to look too far because the built-in image editor is ideal. It offers all the functions you need for basic image editing. The built-in image editor for ChromeOS has recently changed, but you’ll find most of the functions are still available. ChromeOS, which … Read more