HP to launch follow up to the excellent x360 Chromebook

Chromebook news - HP to launch HP x360 14c Chromebook in June 2020

HP has always been good at building decent quality laptops and this also extends to Chromebooks. The original HP x360 Chromebook was an excellent device and sales for the product were high in both the USA and UK. To keep on top of that success they will be launching the HP x360 14c in June … Read more

Chromebook Comparison – Pixelbook Go vs HP x 360 Chromebook

Chromebook Comparison - The Pixelbook Go vs HP x 360 Chromebook

The launch of the Pixelbook Go has certainly got everyone talking about the latest Chromebook on the block. The Pixelbook Go by Google is perfectly designed and well built, but how does it stack up against the much loved HP x 360 Chromebook? The HP x 360 Chromebook was one of the first Chromebooks to … Read more

HP to launch two new HP x 360 budget Chromebooks

HP to launch two new HP x 360 Chromebooks

As I expected, 2019 has been a pretty busy year for the Chromebook. We’ve seen so many new models being launched, which is great to see. HP has just announced they will be releasing two new HP x 360 Chromebooks and both come with stylus support. If you’ve been following Chromebooks recently you will definitely … Read more