A brand new Chromebook in the UK for just £129.99

A Chromebook for just £129.99 in the UK

I’ve been following Chromebooks ever since I bought my first one back in 2011. They are well known for being cheap level-entry laptops, but higher priced ones are available. The higher-priced models are great because they offer better performance and display quality. If you’re after a cheap laptop to mainly surf the internet. Then you … Read more

The new HP All-in-one Chromebase looks amazing

The new HP Chromebase looks the part

When you’re considering buying a Chrome OS computer most people think about the Chromebook. However, the Chromebox is also a popular choice for anyone who wants a desktop computer. A less known device is the Chromebase, which offers everything you need in one unit. A few years ago the Chromebase wasn’t a very attractive choice … Read more