A brand new Chromebook in the UK for just £129.99

A Chromebook for just £129.99 in the UK

I’ve been following Chromebooks ever since I bought my first one back in 2011. They are well known for being cheap level-entry laptops, but higher priced ones are available. The higher-priced models are great because they offer better performance and display quality. If you’re after a cheap laptop to mainly surf the internet. Then you … Read more

HP x 2 11 Detachable Chromebook available for $200 off the original price

HP x2 11 available for $399 at best buy

If you’re looking for a Chrome OS detachable Chromebook. You’ll notice you have a little more choice in 2021. A far cry from a couple of years ago when the only real option was the Pixel Slate. That all changed when Lenovo announced the Chromebook Duet, which was followed about a year later by the … Read more

Chromebook Comparison – Asus C434 vs HP x360 14c

The Chromebook is still misunderstood

Two of the best medium-spec Chromebooks come from two different manufacturers. You have the C434 from Asus and the x 360 14c from HP. Both of these manufacturers have been making Chromebooks for some time, and both are known for bringing out excellent laptops. This is going to be a really exciting comparison because they … Read more

The new HP All-in-one Chromebase looks amazing

The new HP Chromebase looks the part

When you’re considering buying a Chrome OS computer most people think about the Chromebook. However, the Chromebox is also a popular choice for anyone who wants a desktop computer. A less known device is the Chromebase, which offers everything you need in one unit. A few years ago the Chromebase wasn’t a very attractive choice … Read more

HP 14a 14-inch Chromebook (14a-na0504sa) Review Specification

HP 14a Chromebook

The HP 14a Chromebook is a budget range of laptops from one of the biggest Chromebook manufacturers. In fact, HP was the biggest selling Chromebook manufacturer in the last quarter of 2020. They’ve been manufacturing laptops long before the Chromebook was on the scene, so it’s fair to say they know their stuff. Although this … Read more