Chromebook Comparison – Asus C434 vs HP x360 14c

The Chromebook is still misunderstood

Two of the best medium-spec Chromebooks come from two different manufacturers. You have the C434 from Asus and the x 360 14c from HP. Both of these manufacturers have been making Chromebooks for some time, and both are known for bringing out excellent laptops. This is going to be a really exciting comparison because they … Read more

Asus C434 vs C433 Chromebook – Chromebook Comparison

Asus C434 vs C433 Chromebook comparison

If you’re considering buying a new Chromebook you may have your eyes on the Asus C434 or C433 Chromebook. This makes sense because Asus makes some seriously stunning looking laptops. It isn’t all about the looks though, as the performance and overall build quality are just as important. When it comes to Asus it can … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook vs Asus C436 – Chromebook comparison

Chromebook comparison - The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook vs the Asus C346

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a real change in Chromebooks. You still get plenty of budget laptops to choose from but a new high-spec range has started to appear. Don’t get me wrong. We’ve had high-spec Chromebooks for a while but they were usually provided by Google with the Pixelbook range of … Read more

Chromebook comparison – Pixelbook Go vs Acer Spin 13 Chromebook

Chromebook Comparison - Pixelbook Go Vs Acer Spin 13 Chromebook

The launch of the Pixelbook Go, which is the latest Google Chromebook. Has given everyone the opportunity to own a Chromebook made by Google at a fraction of the price of previous models. This means more people are considering a PixelBook Go over other Chromebook models. This makes sense because the Pixelbook Go is a … Read more

Chromebook Comparison – Pixelbook Go vs HP x 360 Chromebook

Chromebook Comparison - The Pixelbook Go vs HP x 360 Chromebook

The launch of the Pixelbook Go has certainly got everyone talking about the latest Chromebook on the block. The Pixelbook Go by Google is perfectly designed and well built, but how does it stack up against the much loved HP x 360 Chromebook? The HP x 360 Chromebook was one of the first Chromebooks to … Read more