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Search button to be renamed Everything button on Chromebooks

Anyone who has used a Chromebook will already know the keyboard is a little different to a typical keyboard layout. You’ve most likely come across the issue of typing in CAPITAL letters because there is no CAPS key. Find out how to use the CAPS key on a Chromebook.

The button where you’d normally find a CAPS key on a traditional keyboard is currently called the ‘search’ or ‘launcher’ button. This is about to change as the Chrome OS team has confirmed in the future this will be known as the ‘Everything Button’.

This was recently spotted on the Chromebook Community Forum with very little information other than the button was being renamed. This is a good move for Chrome OS because the ‘Everything Button’ sounds better than the ‘search’ or ‘launcher’ key.

It’s not just a name change though. This shows the Chrome OS team is working on some new keyboard shortcuts for the Chromebook. We’ve already seen there will be changes on how you access your files in the future. This key will no doubt be used to help you get to places on your Chromebook quicker.


This will no doubt mean Chromebooks in the future may end up with a different image for the button. Most Chromebooks at the moment simply use a magnifying glass to highlight the button.

Using keyboard shortcuts can really help you be more productive with your Chromebook. Some people love keyboard shortcuts, while others rarely use them. To get the most out of them you need to get into the habit of using them on a regular basis.

Chromebook magnifying glass key showing on keyboard
The launcher key currently uses a magnifying glass

Once you become familiar with what the different keys and keyboard combinations do. You’ll soon realise it makes using a Chromebook much easier and quicker when performing everyday tasks.

To find out more about how the Chromebook keyboard currently works. Take a look at the Chromebook keyboard shortcuts where you’ll find many different keyboard combinations.

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