Save money by buying a cheap new unlocked phone perfect for Sim Only

Nearly everyone today uses a mobile phone. A lot of us cannot wait for the latest phone to be released. Although this is great there is a downfall and that is the cost.

Not everyone is after the latest Android Phone, so buying an unlocked phone that can be used on any network is a perfect choice for bargain hunters.

So let’s take a look at the advantages of buying a cheap phone outright, and what this means for your budget.


Most of us cannot afford to buy the latest phone outright. This is why most of us sign up for a contract. These contracts can vary in length but the most common today is 18 and 24-month contracts.

The cost of the monthly contract varies depending on what you want. If you want to have the latest phone, then you can expect your contract to cost a lot more than if you went for a cheaper phone.

Another factor in how much your contract will cost is the plan itself. If you want unlimited calls, text and data. This will obviously be the most expensive and if you add a top of the range mobile to that contract. Well, you could be spending a small fortune each month.


Sim only plans are great because they come with much shorter contract lengths. Most are either 30 days or 12 months. If you go for a 12 month Sim Only contract you’ll get a much better deal.

However, a 30-day contract is good if you do not want to tie yourself into a longer contract. Just appreciate this will mean you’ll most likely pay more or the plan will offer fewer minutes and data.

Most networks now offer Sim Only Contracts and there are also plenty of Virtual Mobile Networks offering these as well. The network you choose may come down to previous experience or just simply who is offering the best value for money.


If you do decide to get a Sim Only contract you’ll have to make sure you already own a mobile phone. This puts a lot of people off because we generally only look at Sim Only contracts when the phone we have is no longer working like it once did.

Whether that’s down to the battery life being much shorter than it was or that the Android OS is no longer supported. If you have just come out of a phone contract, then your phone should be fine for another 12-months. Choosing a Sim Only contract in these circumstances makes perfect sense.

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You don’t need to worry though if you don’t have a mobile phone or the one you currently have is only good for the trash.

A lot of people decide to buy a second-hand phone from sites such as eBay. There is nothing wrong with this but you’ll most likely not get too much use out of it. This is because the battery is the thing that usually goes wrong first.

If you’re buying a phone second-hand then the battery would have already taken a bit of a battering.


A lot of people assume buying a brand new phone will be expensive. This is true if you’re looking at the latest phone from well-known brands.

The fact is you can get perfectly decent mobile phones from new, which are unlocked. An unlocked phone means it can be used on any network, so you’re not limited to the network you choose.

Sure, these phones are not going to offer the same cutting-edge technology as well known branded phones. However, that does not mean that you cannot get your hands on pretty decent phones from brands you may not be familiar with.

A lot of the cost when buying a new phone is to cover the cost of the brand. Companies spend fortunes on their brands through advertising, and that cost needs to be covered.

When you buy a phone from a brand not as well known. You’re not paying for the brand as much. You’re just paying for the actual hardware. This means you can get some great deals.