Save $300 dollars on the amazing Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

If you’ve been keeping up to date with Chromebooks then you’ll already know about the battery issues surrounding the original Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. If you put all that to one side, this is still a fantastic Chromebook to own. It comes with excellent performance and it’s possibly one of the best looking laptops you can own.

At the moment you can get your hands on one of these laptops for just $699.99. Normally retailing at $999.99. That’s a massive saving of $300, but if you’re interested you need to act quick because this offer ends on 16 August 2021. As part of their anniversary sale, Best Buy is offering one of the best spec Chrome OS laptops on the market at medium-spec prices.

It’s available in both fiesta red, which is the strikingly stunning colour that got this laptop first noticed. If that is a little too flashy for you then it can also be snapped up in a more conservative mercury grey. Let’s make no mistake about it. This is one of the most premium Chrome OS laptops you can own.

What you get for your money

The processor used is the Intel tenth-generation Intel Core i5 processor (i5-10210U). It comes with a base speed of 1.6 GHz and a whopping turbo speed of 4.20 GHz. This quad-core processor is capable of doing anything Chrome OS is currently capable of. Also, when you consider Steam for Linux is most likely just around the corner. The processing power this laptop provides would make a great gaming machine. Yes, it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card, which is what we’ll need to start seeing for playing certain games locally in the future. However, it will still be capable of playing a lot of games locally without any issues.

It comes with 8 GB of RAM and a huge 256 GB SSD drive. This amount of RAM is more than enough for a Chromebook, and the SSD storage is another reason why it would be suitable for gaming. SSD Storage provides a more reliable and faster data transfer speed than eMMC. This is absolutely essential if you’re wanting to play games locally in the future. It’s a huge amount of local storage for Chrome OS, which makes this a future proof laptop.

The 4K Display

What makes this one of the most exciting Chromebooks to own is the 4K display. I’m not 100% certain you need such a resolution on a laptop display. That being said, it will obviously offer the best quality looking images compared to anything else. Samsung is well known for providing excellent displays, and they’ve definitely not cut any corners here.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4K display

Battery life concerns

When it comes to the issue around battery life. Samsung has tried to fix this to some extent by reducing the ability to use all of what this laptop offers. I do get why they did that, but not everyone is necessarily going to be too concerned about battery life. Yes, it’s a laptop, which means a lot of people may have wanted to use it on the move. However, I’m sure many people who buy a Chromebook uses it at home, so it’s no major issue if the battery doesn’t last as long as most other Chrome OS laptops.

Personally speaking, If I’m buying a laptop to use when I’m out and about I’d be looking elsewhere. If on the other hand, you want a laptop that offers the best performance and excellent display visuals. Then I’d definitely not be too concerned about the battery life performance.

At the discounted price of $699.99. For what this Chromebook offers you are getting an amazing deal. If you’re interested, like I said, you’ll need to buy one by the 16 August at the latest from Best Buy. I do not receive a commission from any sales at Best Buy.